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GIVEAWAY: AVEENO® National Oatmeal Day Giveaway

GIVEAWAY. AVEENO®. National. Oatmeal. Day. Giveaway. review. ingredients. daily. moisturizing. ulta. calming

GIVEAWAY:  Win this naturally beautiful collection of seven products from AVEENO®! Three lucky winners will be drawn from the entries received in this BeautyStat Giveaway (scroll down for the entry form). You can increase your luck by visiting BeautyStat daily to enter this giveaway again! AVEENO® is celebrating National Oatmeal Day on …

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Skincare, Makeup Growth Statistics, Trends 2016, 2017, 2018: CEW Presents The Future Of Natural, Organic, Environmental Friendly, Safe, Beauty Products, Brands

Skincare, Makeup, Growth, Statistics, Trends, 2016, 2017, 2018, CEW, Presents, The, Future, Of, Natural, Organic, Environmental, Friendly, Safe, Beauty, Products, Brands

Last week, I attended the CEW presentation entitled Global Trend Reports event, Super Natural: Disrupting the Beauty Sector. As we all know, consumers are changing their relationship with chemicals, cleanliness and health in all aspects of their lives, and it is having an amplified effect on the beauty sector. Lucie Greene, …

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Review, Ingredients, Swatches: Avon Anew Power Serum

Review, Ingredients, Swatches, Avon, Anew, Power, Serum

Avon promises to take your anti-aging routine to the next level with the Anew Power Serum, $40 (sale, $29). Inspired by Nobel prize-winning research, the serum is said to detect specific visible damage and deliver maximized results when and where you them. The product promises to target and address these specific issues: hydration texture …

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Dermatologist Review: What Is Psoriasis, Signs, Symptoms, How To Treat, Best Skincare Products, Treatments: La La Anthony’s Story

Dermatologist, Review, What, Is, Psoriasis, Signs, Symptoms, How, To, Treat, Best, Skincare, Products, Treatments, La, La, Anthony's, Story

La La Anthony, reality star, best-selling author (“The Love Playbook”) and actress (“Unforgettable” on A&E) has partnered with The National Psoriasis Foundation. She recently shared, for the first time, about her experience dealing with psoriasis – an autoimmune condition that appears as scales and flakes on the skin.  It has …

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