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GIVEAWAY, Preview, Photos: Miss Dior Eau Fraiche Perfume Fragrance

GIVEAWAY, Preview, Photos: Miss Dior Eau Fraiche Perfume Fragrance

Spring is in the air! And summer is on its way! What better way to celebrate summer’s arrival than by trying a new fragrance to go with your carefree, brighter self. This season, why not take a chance on a light scent inspired by an all-time classic.

The new interpretation of Miss Dior features a crisp veil of Chypre notes marked by the signature Chypre ingredient, Patchouli. Created by Dior Perfumer-Creator Francois Demachy the new Miss Dior Eau Fraiche features Calabrian Bergamot, vibrant gardenia and luminous patchouli. Miss Dior Eau Fraiche is a light and elegant blend of the original.
“The Chypre is the emblematic representation of a perfume accord. By blending floral, citrus and woody notes, an alliance of different scent qualities is created, yet forms a harmonious whole.” François Demachy

The History of Miss Dior:
In 1947 when Christian Dior created his first fragrance, Miss Dior, he sought excellence and an element of surprise. He wanted absolute luxury. A great lover of flowers, he affirmed that, “Perfume is the indispensable complement to the feminine personality, and it is the finishing touch to a dress.” Miss Dior was born a powdery, rich Chypre, the dominant fragrance of the day.

When Christian Dior’s younger sister entered the pearl grey salon of Dior’s studio on Avenue Montaigne, his muse Mitzah Bricard exclaimed “Voila Miss Dior!” “Miss Dior, now there’s a name for my perfume!” the couturier replied. The original bottle was architectural and geometric with a houndstooth check motif as well as the dagger bow that was heir to the refinements of the 18th Century.

Modern Miss Dior:
Today, Miss Dior takes shape in multiple compositions. Natalie Portman, the muse of Miss Dior, embodies many assets of the Dior woman—charm and wit, presence and lightness. She is multi- talented, sophisticated and independent. MSRP: $66.00 for 1.7 oz, $87.00 for 3.4 oz.

On-Counter: Spring 2012

Availability: Dior.com

Contact: 212-931-2235

GIVEAWAY: BeautyStat.com is giving away one bottle of Miss Dior Eau Fraiche to a lucky reader. To enter, leave a comment below letting us know which celebrity would make the next best Miss Dior! AND by inviting your friends to give us a LIKE on Facebook by asking them to click ….>HERE!  Good luck!

(This giveaway is only open to those in the U.S., sorry International fans!)

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  1. 1,000,000% Mila Kunis. The White Swan was Miss Dior, it’s only fair that the Black Swan gets to be! 😀

  2. Cathy Hicks-Davis

    I got a sample of Miss Dior recently and love it! I think that Katie Holmes should be the next Miss Dior simply because she has an elegance about her that is unique. Even when she is not dressed up and has no makeup on she is elegant. Her style and personality are intertwined.



  3. charlize thereon!

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