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L’Oreal EverStrong Sulfate-Free Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner

I love a good frothy shampoo and can rival the suds of a beer. And I am always in favor of a sulfate-free shampoo because even though I don’t color treat my hair, I know that sulfates in general any derivative of sulfuric acid should not end up on your scalp and your strands. Period.

loreal everstrong sulfate free hydrate shampoo

The new EverStrong Sulfate-free hydrating shampoo has a fresh Rosemary-mint smell to it that not only refreshes, it really deep cleans. I was a big fan of their original EverPure line that infused hair with moisture (every product in this line from the Deep Restorative Hair Masque to the Leave-In Conditioner impressed with their performance).

Now, the new EverStrong line promises to deliver strength to hair in sulfate-free style. Each product has L’Oreal’s patented Bio-Ceramide complex that promises to strengthen hair after just one wash. Now, the way I measure hair strength is by brushing my strands: if copious amounts fall out, then I know my hair needs more fortification.

My results with EverStrong were surprisingly good, after just one wash. Plus, true to its name, it hydrated my hair as well as shea butter would. The rosemary mint scent was subtle but led me to sing through my entire shower with gusto as I lathered suds into oblivion. Who said sulfate-free had to be suds free?

loreal everstrong overnight repair treatment

The EverStrong product lines come in the Hydrate, Bodify, and Reconstruct versions. There is also an Overnight Repair Treatment in this line that I have not tried yet, but you’ll bet I will be (and I’ll keep you posted!).

Have you tried EverStrong yet? Let us know how you liked it by leaving a comment below.

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