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Special Discount Offer: Review, Before & After Photos: Yuko Anti-Frizz Hair Salon & Home Treatment – Frizz Free Hair In 90 Minutes: Sponsored

Being a New Jersey native, I really thought my big, frizzy hair was just a way of life. It was poufy and had way too much body—something I always blamed on humidity, heredity and occasionally even my blow dryer.

Review, Before & After Photos: Yuko Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment - Frizz Free Hair In 90 Minutes: Sponsored

 Before Treatment

Then, I heard about Yuko’s brand new Anti-Frizz Treatment and it was like hearing angels sing!  Yuko, the experts in Japanese hair straightening, recently came out with an innovative anti-frizz treatment which promises to make hair more manageable and healthy while minimizing the frizz-factor.  Even better?  It doesn’t contain any of those nasty formaldehyde or toxic chemicals associated with some of those other potentially carcinogenic treatments. Nope – it’s safe, gentle and contains a proprietary blend of silk, wheat, meadowfoam, palm oil and a secret texture transforming weapon, thioglycerin.


Review, Before & After Photos: Yuko Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment - Frizz Free Hair In 90 Minutes: Sponsored

 After Treatment

Right before my very eyes, my hair became what I had always dreamed of: silky, soft, shiny and infused with moisture. Plus, it seriously cut down on my hair’s “volume.”  I’m hooked and pretty sure these women are too.

How hair is transformed, in under 90 minutes:

Step 1 – Hair is washed with a special, sulfate free shampoo.
Step 2 – Expert stylist applies Solution 1, which relaxes the hair.  Since I have color treated hair (one of my favorite past times seems to be abusing my hair with bleach), the treatment was left on for just 10 minutes and then the solution was rinsed out.
Step 3 – Expert stylist applies Solution 2, which infuses the hair with a healthy dose of vitamins and nourishing ingredients.  This was left on for about 10 minutes, and then was washed out.
Step 4 – Hair is blow dried and flat ironed to thermally lock in results and ensure lasting sleekness and smoothness.
Step 5 – Go to dinner with incredible hair!  But make sure to stay out of rain and even the shower for 2 days after the treatment—otherwise you run the risk of reducing effectiveness.  Plus see the video demonstration of the process below:


A note on the proper after care post, the 24 hour waiting period for any dry, sensitive or damaged locks: to prolong the life of fabulous hair, wash hair with mineral rich, sulfate and paraben-free Kokoro G Shampoo and follow with keratin infused (it even has silk proteins to soften) Kokoro G Treatment.

Hair’s fluff and frizz is tamed and the root is fortified to leave strands healthy, nourished and professionally done each time you blow dry.  Yuko‘s  Anti-Frizz Treatment does not give you permanent straightening, but hair’s frizz and body are kept in check for up to 3 months and the results so far have been killer.

Bottom line, I’m not sure how I lived prior to YUKO’s lifesaver and time-saver treatment in the frizz-friendly summer months.

NEW:  Now, the Japanese experts at the YUKO Hair Straightening have created a matching home care line for their all-new ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO treatment.

Featuring the amazing smoothing and coating properties of meadowfoam seed oil, a heat-activated moisturizer, the entire line is perfect for any hair type and conditions the hair to retain moisture.


Each product also boasts its own unique blend of naturally-derived ingredients such as apple, tsubaki, rice bran, guar bean, corn starch and bees wax. The new ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO Home Care Line includes the ANTI-FRIZZ By YUKO Shampoo to restore & refresh; ANTI-FRIZZ By YUKO Conditioner to revitalize and add shine; heat-activated ANTI-FRIZZ By YUKO Leave-In Conditioner and ANTI-FRIZZ By YUKO Serum to smooth and add shine to the hair.

YUKO uses NO preservatives, parabens, sodium chloride, sulfates, petrochemicals or animal testing to provide healthy and manageable hair. The line helps to protect colored hair as the meadow foam produces a protective coating on the hair shaft!

Yuko Yamashita, the founder of the YUKO system, says “ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO is the perfect complement to my original permanent straightening treatment.” With no harmful fumes, nausea, or burning eyes and nose, ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO is safe, gentle and natural. Now, according to Yamashita, this brand new home care line “allows the client to bring the same breakthrough formula into their home to maintain and extend the life of the treatment while making their hair healthier and more manageable.”


Color-Treated/Bleached Hair

Highlighted Hair

Home-Colored Hair

Virgin Hair


SPECIAL OFFER:  You don’t want to miss the special discount being offered at select salons near you.  To take advantage of this offer, click HERE.

To find other salons near you that offer the YUKO Anti-Frizz Treatment, check out the salon locator HERE.

Now tell us, what’s your favorite salon treatment?  Post a comment below.

Elizabeth Engelhart

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  1. My salon offers this treatment, and I’ve always been interested in trying it. My hair is super curly and with the humid summers, it’s hard to control and usually ends up being all frizzy by the end of the day. After this review though I think I am going to give it a try!

  2. I posted this on the FB site as well:
    I used to get the Yuko straightening system done before the Brazilian blowout came out. Does this make your hair stick straight? Or does it allow your to still wear your hair with curls? I have frizz and curls so the brazilian blowout worked best for my type of hair.
    Check out my blog post regarding my type of hair and experience.

  3. I have been using your product’s and servicing my client’s with your hair straightener for a few year’s now and “LOVE IT”

  4. I can relate to too “fluffy” hair, and never being able to get my hair to respond in the same matter as the day before. This treatment seems like the cure for “spin the wheel to see what type of hair day you will have”, and putting the control back into my hands. That us great. Can’t wait to try it.

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