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Paper Perfection: Why You Need Blotting Papers in your Purse

We love glitz and glam but we don’t love shiny faces when it’s all oil! Yuck. Applying additional makeup over the oil will not help and only cause your face to look cakey and all of this oil can lead to pimples which we do NOT want. This is where these magical pieces of paper come in. Blot the oil away and sometimes without even disturbing your makeup! They are so small and compact that you can keep them in your purse, gym bag and even work desk.

Boscia Blotting Papers
Japanese-inspired Boscia’s best-selling Green Tea blotting Linens have just received a facelift! These linens are limited-edition and made 100% from natural Abaca Leaf Fibers. These fibers stay true to their roots while adding color . Keeping you fresh from day to night, these blotting linens claim to take away shine and perspiration in an instant! These Linens will be available exclusively at Sephora and Sephora.com February 2011. These natural blotting sheets are priced at $10.

Mai Couture Blotting Paper

A popular beauty tool for many years has been blotting papers , of course used to prevent shine. At times they can wipe away your powder or blush. This is why Mai Couture developed a 2-in-1 face paper, designed to keep your skin oil free and full of color.This blotting paper is quickly becoming a must-have for ladies everywhere and in the last year has been seen in publications such as Elle, People, Bazaar and even featured on The Today Show. With this innovative trendy paper, you can have blush on the go and keep the shine away. I love this concept and can’t wait to give it a try! These blotting papers can be purchased at MaiCouture.com and are priced at $24.

Hello Kitty Blotting Paper
Who doesn’t love a little Hello Kitty in their life? Hello Kitty blotting papers claim to instantly reduce shine and absorb excess oil which will refresh that beautiful complexion of yours. The papers are kept in an envelope with the Hello Kitty design and each linen is subtly printed with the Hello Kitty Logo. So for the Hello Kitty lovers out there, this is for you! Purchase these papers at Sephora.com for $12.

There are many blotting papers (or linens if you prefer) to choose from. From drugstore brand to high-end brands, they all have one goal in mind…….to keep your skin shine free.

So blot away ladies!

Have you ever used blotting linens? What’s your favorite?

– Amelia Keith, Editor of PrettyintheQueenCity.Com

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  1. The Boscia’s blotting papers sound awesome, i would definately try these, thanks for the advice, cheers:)

  2. i only get oily on my nose and part of my forehead. never really gave blotting much thought

  3. I have Boscia and I admit they make me feel elegant and grownup. I have the oiliest skin EVER, and have found that Starbucks napkins are awesome in a pinch for blotting as well!

  4. Boscia blotting powders sound great and the packaging is something I would love whipping out in public! THanks

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