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Bronze is the New Gold – Luminess Airbrush Tan Review

Like many things in life, the things we love aren’t always the best for us – it’s true for chocolate cake, bad boys, and most of all, tanning.

Luminess AirBrush tan

The coverage and finish of airbrush tanning are SICK! Look at the flawless finish…

These days, most savvy girls won’t brave the skin-damaging risks of a traditional sun tan, either on a beach or in a tanning bed, but the Oompah-Loompah look that comes from certain sunless tanners isn’t a much more appealing prospect.

Luminess Tan System

The Luminess airbrush tan is actually a really effective remedy. The system, which comes complete with a compressor and an airbrush stylus, looks intimidating at first, but is a breeze to use and provides a totally believable (think Jessica Alba, not Lindsay Lohan) bronzed glow.

Before…..and after….the color looks totally real, n’est ce pas?

Like similar spray tans like Mystic Tan, the formula goes on in a light mist and, since there’s no need for blending, you won’t awake to telltale orange palms the next day. The tanning formula does come with a hint of color, so you can tell where the tan will develop, and since you can use the system at home, you can reapply the formula to deepen your color with just the touch of a button.

Luminess is totally odorless and dries in a flash, so you can get the “I just got back from vacation” glow with out the last minute plane ticket to Cabo.

The basic system doesn’t come cheap (it’s around $129) but there’s a 30 day trial on www.luminessair.com

And if you think about the cost of tanning versus purchasing one of these, it’s a complete no brainer.



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  1. This is amazing! Especially since the sun is so bad for your skin but you still want to have that summertime glow- it’s the best of both worlds! Thanks for reviewing and sharing!

  2. that is actually a picture of the airbrush system and not the tanning system. they are totally different. also,luminess tan is $100 less.

  3. -Tangirl,

    That is a picture of their tanning system. Their cosmetic system is white (or silver for the platinum.) I have both, and I have to say I love airbrush! This fair skin of mine cannot take the sun, but I can wear shorts in the summer with confidence with a airbrushed tan! I also love their makeup, all in all my complexion has never looked better!

  4. My husband purchased a Luminess tanning system for me and it was a NIGHTMARE! The machine did not work correctly from the moment I unpacked it. Customer Service is terrible to deal with. They would not refund my “re-stocking fee” of over $30 even though the machine did not work, also charged $20 to ship it to me (which you don’t get back) AND they make you pay to ship it back. $60 later, I had nothing except a lot of wasted time.

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