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Meet Our Experts of the Week: Dove Deodorant Correspondents & Giveaway

This week, we introduce you to three fabulous, fresh-faced twenty something year olds from three different parts of the country who are Dove Deodorant Correspondents for three magazines that you’ve probably subscribed to, read and ingested really avidly: Seventeen, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan. Why are they our experts? For one, they are die-hard fashion and beauty mavens who love the rainbow of beauty goodies just like you — from fragrances to face creams. Secondly, they are going to be working in the marketing departments of these glossy goldies. Wouldn’t you like to ask them what makes them tick? How they got this incredible gig? What beauty products they can’t live without? Come on…we know you do!

Meet our Guest Experts (left to right: Liesbeth, Maryssa & Kate)

Maryssa S: This 20 year old fashion maven grew up in Indianapolis but currently lives in San Diego with her parents. She writes articles for Fashionindie.com and will be a Dove Deodorant Correspondent for Seventeen Magazine Marketing this summer. Last summer, Maryssa’s fresh perspective was published in “Chicken Soup for the Extraordinary Teen Soul.”

Kate M: This 24 year old native of Williamsport, PA loves to blog, and is a bit fashion and pop culture obsessed. She currently works as a copywriter and social media developer for Gregory Welteroth Advertising, and will be a Dove Deodorant correspondent for Marie Claire Marketing starting this summer.

Liesbeth R: This 22 year old is a Honduran-American who was born and raised in the city of New Orleans. She has had a passion for Hispanic roots and culture and loves fashion, dance and music. She is a first generation college student and a proud member of Tulane University’s “Class after Katrina.” She will showcase her passions and personality through writing as a Dove Deodorant correspondent for Cosmopolitan Marketing.

Ask these delicious beauty and fashion mavens your questions and be entered to win one of TEN Dove Deodorant Dove Body Mists in various fragrances from Revive, Burst, Energy and Cool Moisture!

– Charu Suri



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  1. Hi Ladies!

    Echoing Liesbeth’s sentiments, thanks for the comments, and remember to visit us at dovedeodorantcorrespondent.com starting July 7 to follow our adventures!

    Aprill, I’m a fan of Burst, nectarine and white ginger provide a sweet smell with just enough punch to give me an extra “burst” of energy throughout the day.

    Kristen, Liesbeth gave you a great answer for the face product, for the rest of your body, check out http://www.dove.us/#/Products/lotion/gofresh_cool.aspx …the perfect way to keep the rest of you cool, and moisturized throughout the day.

    Tess, Thanks! We all entered our “Fresh Perspective,” which we are so excited to be able to share with you!!

  2. Tess,

    We simply applied when we heard about the opportunity and here we are now, sharing our voices!

  3. Hey!

    It’s so amazing to read everyone’s responses.

    My favorite scent is a tie between Revive and Cool Essentials. All smell incredible, though.

    For the summer, SPF moisturizer is a must for me– especially since I have fair skin.

    Thanks for all the questions & your lovely comments!



  4. Kate,
    I am a bit older then all of you but really enjoy your magazine. I spent many years in the cosmetic business and still enjoy keeping up with new tricks and trends. Look forward to following your blog. Also have been a fan of your Dove products for quite awhile. Congrats to all of you, what a great accomplishment!

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