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Molton Brown’s Beauty Booty

Molton Brown has come a long way since specializing in haircare. Currently, the line is bubbling with skincare offerings that would even make The Body Shop jealous.

Travelers can be at peace when they look at some of the gorgeously packed choices. Stowed in a cute zip lock bag are bottles of delish stuff. (Okay, the TSA sucks, right? Show ‘em you know how to count. These bottles are exactly 3.3 fl. ounces or less. Wave the ziplock bags in their face!).

The Indulgent Traveler is my fave, and the salmon colored box features Amazonian passionflower, de-stressing pandano and celestial maracuja infused treats. The kit has Pandano Hairwash and Conditioner; Mer-Rouge Hair Hydramasque (a must!!); Celestial Maracuja Shower Cream & Body Souffle. Retails for $70.

There are other travel kits for women, men and for the “stressed out” workaholic.

Other new items include the “Stowaway” collection. I can’t rave enough about this. You can pick any six travel size bottles of hairwash, shower gel or face wash and they get stowed away in a stylish travel kit for $80. There are some premade stowaway kits on www.MoltonBrown.com but that doesn’t prevent you from going to the store and mixing and matching them.

We recommend:

  • -Heavenly Gingerlily Bath & Shower gel (a subtle scent that energizes and calms. You’ll be doing cartwheels in your tub).
  • – Coco de Mer Body Lotion (Perfect for a the beach fanatic…it has “sea vacation” all over it)
  • – Rose Granati Hand Wash (Moroccan rose granati pomegranate with oils of ginger, black pepper and cardamom. Spicy sweet craziness!)
  • – Skinfresh Facial Wash (This gentle cleanser with American willowbark is suitable for all skin types)
  • – Re-charge Black Pepper Body Wash for Men (Kaboom! This spicy wash will make you wake up without resorting to your frappucino)
  • – Bracing Silverbirch Body Wash for Men (Another kaboom! Infused with extracts from the bark and leaves of the silverbirch tree, it will make your skin sing)

As for skin singing, try the Eucalyptus Body Scrub if you’re into pepperminty flavors. Wow! This tub of scrub is my new BFF.

As though this weren’t good enough, www.MoltonBrown.com is offering free standard shipping until August 10th. Summer just got a whole load better…



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  1. hmm, i’ve never used their products, and not I think it’s time to dive in!

  2. Check out their Eucalyptus Body Scrub. I had to splurge $48 and well worth it!

  3. Great suggestions, especially the Scrub; when I stayed at the Peninsula, these were the amenities–loved that!

  4. Lady! It was great meeting you the other day. Just can’t get enough of Molton Brown. Let’s grab a drink soon! xxxporter

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