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Vote Blue, Wear Red

Okay I shouldn’t give political advice on a beauty site I know but that was too easy to resist. On sale on Monday is Stila’s new Rock the Vote Red Lip Color to inspire women to vote. The lippie can purchased for $17 at www.stilacosmetics.com. 25% of proceeds from the …

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A Bronzing Boon

Every summer we offer up our winter-white legs to “new and improved” self-tanning lotions, only to be sucker-punched by orange blotches that wouldn’t look out of place on a giraffe.  Frankly, we’re tired of products that promise us the moon and end up giving us a chunk of an asteroid. …

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Crystal Clear

Have you walked away from a spa experience and thought, “Darn, I way overpaid for that treatment”? Well, I have, and the thought of missed opportunities to buy extra shoes sent me into a depressive tailspin. My shrink, of course, had a glorious week following my lost $ and kept …

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‘Nordstrom Anniversary Sale’ Rears Its Luscious Head

Let’s face it: the word “limited-edition” has gripped the beauty world with its “you-can’t-catch-me” aura. I casually toss out the phrase “I’m wearing the Chanel limited edition Black Satin nail polish” at brunch and immediately bulging eyes like those of Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura stare at my nails.So it’s …

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Powder Power

Even if geologists predicted the mineral content of the Earth would dwindle by the year 2010, mineral makeup fanatics would find a way to stock up.We’re crazy about mineral makeup, which is as old as the Little Black Dress or Lauren Hutton in the glossies, but there are some recent …

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Chanel Goes for the Gold

Chanel probably doesn’t care that commodity prices are actually increasing. Its fall makeup collection features gold as prominently as Gwen Stefani features red lipstick. You can toss that bottle of Black Satin nail polish out the window (too bad you spent your theatre money on getting that limited edition bottle …

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I Can Kiss Clearly Now

Following the heels of Smashbox-O Gloss’s phenomenal success comes a tool that no lady should be without, especially during pucker-up season. Tricia Sawyer’s Clearly Pretty Color Revealing Lip Gloss made us kiss every strange boy, dog and girl in sight, and people were pushing us away crying out complaints of …

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Without a Trace

It’s almost as fun as winning a Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka or seeing Britney Spears sashay at the MTV Video Music Awards last year when even her shoes completely failed the Breathalyzer. It’s cute, it’s quick and it’s soft as a rabbit’s foot, and you’ll never remove makeup the same way again …

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The Lipstick Conundrum

If you’re constructing a new closet for your insane amount of makeup, you may need to edit your strategy a bit. All the magazines point to seasonal makeup trends (remember, they need to ink some news!), but who’s dictating your closet has to keep up? Case in point: the lipstick. …

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Actress Holland Taylor’s Favorite Beauty Picks

Full of poise and a true lady, Holland Taylor is surely one of America’s beloved actresses. Ever since she lit the silver screen with her role as Professor Stromwell in Legally Blonde, this lovely ageless actress is a joy to watch and a spirit to admire. Currently, she stars in …

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