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BREAKING BEAUTY NEWS: Use Of Fragrances And Perfumes Banned In Certain Cities And Government Establishments

BREAKING BEAUTY NEWS: Use Of Fragrances And Perfumes Banned In Certain Cities And Government Establishments

Do you ever wonder if you put too much perfume on in the morning? Well, you might have, especially if you’re visiting Tuttle, Oklahoma. According to USA Today, the city warns visitors of City Hall to stay at the front of the building if they are wearing perfume, stressing the importance of fragrance-free air for those suffering from allergies. In the article, allergist Clark Kaufman talks about how certain fragrances can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms (which can lead to respiratory infections) to those who are sensitive to certain aromas, “I equate it with cigarette smoke.”

Although the incentive to help those with allergies is acknowledged, not everyone believes in the banning of wearing fragrances in public areas. Elena Solovyov of the International Fragrance Association believes that the use of fragrance “should be guided by personal courtesy and common sense, not by policies or procedures.”

Tuttle, Oklahoma isn’t the first place to experience anti-fragrance laws. Portland, Oregon banned their city workers from wearing any type of fragrance; Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton, Washington asked visitors and employees to bring in “less fragrant” flowers; Bill Lockwood, parks director in Jefferson City, Montana, asked those who attend meetings to “remain as fragrance-free as possible”; and Windom Area Hospital in Windom, Minnesota has been fragrance-free since 1999!

So, ladies, tell us… Have you ever experienced someone commenting on your fragrant perfume? Or has a fragrance in a public place ever bothered you before? If so, let us know and comment below!

– Theresa Romano

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  1. Oh my lord, there are so many folks that wear heavy perfume. One set is the elderly, who simply can’t smell as well, on average, so they wind up putting more on. I begin to feel ill if I am exposed too long to most stronger fragrances. The detergent aisle in a store is also a problem. Also, as Clark Kaufman in the article states, it’s like cigarette smoke. AND, here’s something I never see anyone mention, but is an EXTREME invasion into my personal space and NO WAY to get away from it, and something that makes me feel VERY sick for the rest of the day – to all you in-car smokers, do you never think of the folks driving just behind you or around you??? My God! I might as well have your chimney IN my vehicle spewing all that garbage. I start coughing, my eyes and throat are ruined for the rest of the day and I go around teaching, looking and sounding like hell (ie, unprofessional, not to mention long term effects over time), because of your nasty habit and you inflict it on every driver around you AND the interior of their cars. Of course, by the time I am affected by it, I turn off my vents, but it is too late as it has already contaminated my system and my “smoke-free” vehicle. Get a clue you inconsiderate smokers. That smoke coming out of your cigarette is a LOT stronger than you think! Not to mention all the children in those cars around you are contaminating. Just wonderful that you take no responsibility in handing out so much secondhand smoke to untold numbers of children and folks such as me. But, since you don’t know them and you don’t take responsibility for your actions and feel other people should suffer for your habit, you will, of course, dismiss everything I bring up here. THAT is what I truly consider unforgivable. They should make smoking in cars in traffic, illegal, or make a vent system that keeps all the smoker’s poisonous air in their own vehicle.

  2. Breaks my heart to see some of the non caring responses. 9 months ago life changed for me – now all i need is just a whiff of perfume, shampoo, spray deodorant and my ability to speak or think greatly diminishes. Instant migraine, nausea, my skin begins to bleed, my legs go weak, my life is a nightmare.

    By the sounds of it – people calling it rubbish and nonsense – my life will be a nightmare till the day i die. No relief and no hope. 🙁

  3. I think the biggest issue being missed here is that almost all fragrances, including those in laundry soap, dryer sheets, perfumes, colognes, deodorant, cleaning products, air fresheners, etc., all contain phthalates. Phthalates are very dangerous chemicals that have real health consequences, To name a few, obesity; reduced testosterone; increase estrogen; damage to the liver, lungs, kidneys, endocrine, and reproductive systems. All of this so your can smell spring mountain fresh or because you are gullible enough to think that some fragrance is going to make up for all of your other faults and attract the man or woman of your dreams. Get over it and put your health first. The day has come that you cannot even leave the house, or be in it for that matter, without smelling someone else’s dryer vent, deodorant, perfume, or “air freshener.” Those of us who do not use that poison do not impede your enjoyment of the indoors or out. Stop impeding our’s!

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