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(Fragrance Giveaway and Review): Getting Patriotic with Lady Caron

I know you’re thinking isn’t Caron French? Yes it is, but Lady Caron is an homage to all that is great about America.  During WWII Caron founder Ernest Daltroff fled Europe and the Nazi threat for the US. Like most immigrants he came to Ellis Island and on his way saw our leading light, The Lady of Liberty. He was so inspired and vowed to create a scent for to the country he adopted and that adopted him.  In his lifetime Daltroff never did create that scent, but in 1998 Caron’s new owner Patrick Ales honored that wish and finally created Lady Caron.

lady caron perfume

Lady Caron is a big beautiful white floral. It’s also a chypre type of perfume.

It blooms with magnolia, jasmine, neroli and lovely tuberose but is never overpowering. There is rose, lightly and the barest hint of fruit to add a touch of sweetness.  Oakmoss and sandalwood are the base notes to ground it and give it depth. Overall though, there are the lush florals.  Ladylike and elegant but modern with great staying power, Lady Caron is one of my all time favorites. It’s for you if you like white florals and pretty feminine fragrances that have a hint of sophistication about them.

Lady Caron’s bottle also reflects the Statue of Liberty with an embossed image of the iconic statue gracing it. In keeping with the patriotic mood of the perfume, this fragrance is available only in the US.

You can find Lady Caron at many online outlets, Saks and Nordstrom stores as well as the Caron boutique in NY (1-877-88CARON).

1.0 fl oz Galuchat (leather clad atomizer) $85.00

1.7 fl oz Eau de Parfum Spray $ 95.00

3.3 fl oz Eau de Parfum Spray $130.00

6.7 fl oz Body Lotion $ 55.00

We are giving one 1.7 fl EDP (valued at  $95) to a lucky winner for the Fourth of July. Leave a comment below and share which of your fragrances is your favorite summer holiday perfume and why (US only please).. A winner will be picked by July 7th. Happy Fourth to everyone and have a great holiday weekend!

Diane Artzberger, The Beauty Alchemist

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  1. Falling in Love Philosophy!!!!

  2. My favorite summer perfume hands down is Hermes Après la Mousson. I know it has a lot of haters but to me it smells heavenly–all gingery melon like a tropical getaway away but without the coppertone. I reach for it all the time, though I have several other summer faces in rotation, too. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  3. Hally Berry’s pure orchid……love this for its floral scent..

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