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New Lancome “Magnifique” Ad and Giveaway

Anne Hathaway is magnifique in movies like Rachel Getting Married but she’s also the brand behind Lancome’s blockbuster fragrance “Magnifique.”

Anne Hathaway Lancome Magnifique

There’s a new ad in town and you can see it HERE.

The spicy, woodsy fragrance is great for a summer’s night out (hello Date Night!) and although I am a pretty picky fragrance fanatic I have no fault to find in this Lancome Production.

We’re giving away ONE magnifique bottle of the Eau de Toilette to the person who submits the BEST reason on why they need a summer fragrance this season.

Lancome Magnifique

A winner will be picked in a few weeks. Good luck!! C’est magnifique indeed.




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  1. Magnifique is touted as an intoxicating scent perfect for a summer’s night out. I have smelled Magnifique and it is a truly unique, spicy treat. It
    brings thoughts of a summer midnight rendezvous to mind. I can picture myself in a sexy little black dress and stilettos meeting my lover at a party.
    Every man in the room is enthralled by my intoxicating fragrance! Oh well, a girl can dream! But this is why
    I want Magnifique – so I can feel poised, powerful and lovely when I walk
    into a room! I think an amazing perfume gives me that little extra boost of
    confidence that I need to take on the world!!!

  2. I need a scent for summer that can stand out in a crowd. The heat and humidity as well as lighter clothing lends a certain sultriness to the air.
    I want a scent that isn’t a shrinking violet and only MAGNIFIQUE will do!
    In a sea of citrus and floral perfumes, I want to capture attention with the
    woodsy, spicy aroma that is indeed MAGNIFIQUE!! I don’t want to smell
    like every other face in the crowd – I want to smell even better!!!

  3. Magnifique would make an unique and interesting perfume to wear for this summer, I’m very intrique by the saffron and especially the nagarmota note, which I read it has never been used before in perfumery.

    I just had a dream last week about buying Magnifique and some other perfumes at an obscure shop, but then when I got home they turn out to be books and somehow I haven’t pay for them. I was very confused, at least that didn’t happen in real life, right? hehe

  4. I am a divorcee that is about to enter the dating world again after being alone for the past two years and I would love a come hither fragrance like Magnifique to make me feel beautiful!

  5. I’m a big fan of Lancome products and I’d be estatic if I won the Magnifique! Every lady deserves to feel and smell beautifully =)

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