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87% of BeautyStat’s Community Believe Hair Vitamins Provide Positive Benefits

Hair Vitamins

There has been an ongoing debate recently on the efficacy of hair vitamins in the beauty market.
While some regard these products as hair savers, others remain unconvinced.

BeautyStat conducted a recent poll of its members to get their perspective, and found that 87% believe that hair vitamins , do work.

Pre-natal vitamins and Biotin were the two most frequently noted as being beneficial for hair growth and overall texture. Zuri Macie who uses Biotin, comments, “if I skip a day you can most def[initely] see me having a bad hair day.” Maribel echoed the sentiment of many when she said, “I have been taking a prenatal vitamin everyday (even though I am not pregnant) and it has improved my hair texture and helped prevent it from falling out.” Still, not everyone remains convinced. Anji Rae noted, “I still think, personally, that these are sucker vitamins.”

Hair Vitamins Biotin
The community discussion indicates that, despite this economic climate, the use of hair vitamins is
regarded more as a necessity than a luxury. These findings support the broader trend of the use of vitamins in the beauty community.  Read more about hair vitamins here.

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  1. I shared on F.B. with my friends. I truly believe that vitamins help the hair. I am “sickly” and in the hospital more than I am out and there is such a diference in the thickness and luster by the time I get out of the hospital. I know when I am in the hospital getting bags and bags day after day minerals, nutrients, lipids and trace monerals in my ” bananna” bag I call it because it is the same color as a bananna. When I get 5 – 7 days of all these vitamins (mostly because of malnutrition) my hair has more lustre, thickness and it is not falling out everywhere. Yes, vitamins are so important to hair health, especially if you are not well in the first place. Happy V-day everyone!


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