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Caviar – for Your Hair? Before and After at the Mizu Salon with Kerastase Chronologiste

Ever had a bad hair day—or a bad hair week?  Well, I had an entire bad hair winter and as soon as springtime hit, I concentrated on finding some serious TLC for my locks.  After all, healthy hair is happy hair.

Kerastase Chronologist

I didn’t have to look very far thanks to my favorite Park Avenue salon Mizu and the innovating experts in deep conditioning at Kerastase.   Chronologiste is the ultimate cure-all for injured, warn-out and downright abused strands – plus the ritual itself is simply indulgent.  I got to experience the exclusive caviar for your hair treatment at Mizu and barely recognized myself by the time I left. Before my very eyes, my usually “unruly” hair became silky soft, low-maintenance and happily agreeable.

Hair before Kerastase Chronologist Treatment

Hair before Kerastase Chronologist Treatment

Hair before the Kerastase Chronologiste Caviar treatment

But, would you ever really use caviar in your hair?  If you are thinking yes, of course, if it works, it works and that smell will wash out, you are better than I am! The revolutionary formula doesn’t contain real, fish eggs (ew!); the miracle treatment is a fusion of a velvety, DIVINE smelling cream and crushed-on-the-spot mineral-mighty “mimetic caviar” pearls.  Watching color specialist Vasken Ddemirjian play chemist to create the blend was really cool and experiencing the ritual was even more impressive.  He massaged the silky formula into my hair and scalp, covered my head in a thermal wrap and let the miracle occur.

After about 12 minutes, my hair was washed out, blow-dried and totally transformed.  No product used and it was frizz free, full of body, bouncy and, most importantly, healthy.  Serious magic, that lasted well after I washed and blow-dried my own hair!

Hair after Kerastase Chronologist Treatment
Hair after Kerastase Chronologist Treatment

Hair after the Kerastase Chronologiste caviar treatment and a few highlights

Looking good is all about feeling good and, in my opinion, you really can’t put a price on that.  If the entire, $70 in-salon experience sounds a bit too decadent for you, Kerastase also offers a Chronologiste At-Home Treatment.   For under $150, you can get enough to carry you well into next winter (the kit contains an incredible 10 treatments!).  Is your happiness worth the cost?

And, if you’re a hair tools junkie, you don’t want to miss our $640 NuMe giveaway.

Have you tried Chronologiste? Tell us if you’re a fan.

– Elizabeth Engelhardt

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  1. I had this treatment at the kerastase outlet. This 30m ritual made my hair beautiful and soft , but the effect is definitely not permanent.
    After 2 times wash, my hair came back to what it were earlier. So definitely this is treatment that ones has to undergo on regular basis to maintain the softness and health.

  2. I did use the Product down in Mexico, I pay a lot money for the treatment around 150.00 dlls for one treatment.
    But I have to say…. I LOVE IT!
    My hair really looked great for almost one month.
    I really recomended.

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