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Easy Breezy: Hot Summer 2011 Hairstyles You Can Pull Off

It’s time to get that haircut without compromising on glam. Here are some hot summer hairstyles, brought to you by Ryan Nickulas, owner of Ryan Darius Salon.

Short Length Styles:


  • The Sleeked-Back Oomph

Short hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock the ponytail. Simply tease the top parts of your hair with a small comb and lightly brush the pieces back. Next, hairspray the top parts of your head to hold the teased parts in place. Finish the look by pulling your hair back in a low to mid ponytail and fasten with a colorful, elastic headband. To emphasize the glam, pair the ponytail with gold hoops or chandelier earrings.


Medium Length Styles:

Glam Headband

  • The Casual-to- Glam Headband

Try different styles of headbands for your casual day out or a dressy night out in the town. Braided hairbands are great for a sophisticated goddess look, while flower headbands brighten up your face for a day in the park. Headbands are also great for adding some volume on those humid days that make your hair sweaty and flat.

Long Length Styles

  • The Side Swept Twisted Scarf

Whether you have naturally straight or naturally curly hair, the side swept twisted scarf ponytail will frame your face perfectly. Pick a light silk scarf of your choice and braid the scarf in with your hair. Knot the scarf on your ponytail and begin braiding. Fasten the ends of the braid with the scarf or an extra hair tie. If you have bangs, try sweeping your hair to the other side for an asymmetrical look.

Ryan Nickulas has his own salon, Ryan Darius Salon is both a Time Out New York and am New York award winner, and second season of The A-List: New York airs July 25th on LOGO. For more information, please visit www.ryandariussalon.com

What are your short hairstyle and summer solutions?  Post a comment below for chances to win free beauty product samples.

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