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Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Rocks the Locks

Herbal Essences Tousle me Softly

The latest collection from Herbal Essences, Tousle me Softly, aims to give your locks a sexy, raw and tousled effect. Perfectly imperfect hair- we love it!

I have to say that even without all this marketing, this is probably one of my most favorite shampoos to date. It makes my hair completely squeaky clean yet moisturized and regardless of the name, I have ZERO tangles when I use it.

The collection has “Touch Hold” technology and is infused with wild violet and pomegranate. The shampoo is clear and washes and rinses out beautifully and conditioner is opaque and creamy.

If you want more of a “tossed locks” look, use the mousse post shower to whip up loose waves. The foam goes in and disappears into the hair and does not leave a tacky residue. There’s also a Tousling Spray Gel, a Flexible Hold Hairspray and a Finishing Touch Cream.

To be honest I didn’t need all the extra creams and gels — just the shampoo and conditioner alone did wonders for cleaning and tousling my hair. I’m a “low hair maintenance” kind of gal and I’d like to stay that way, so I always am thrilled to find a product whose basic SKUs do everything without need for extra foams and gels.

Tousle Me Softly is available now at all drugstores.



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