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How To Cut, Trim, Care And Maintain Your New Hairstyle At-Home Using Deep Conditioners, Dry Shampoos

How To Cut, Trim, Care And Maintain Your New Hairstyle At-Home Using Deep Conditioners, Dry Shampoos

We’ve all been there… time goes by, a haircut is too expensive, we love our long hair. Whatever the reason, that long overdue haircut is once more pushed back and our gorgeous strands begin to feel the effect of a not-so-“healthy” lifestyle.

The Perks Of A Trim

A haircut is vital to get rid of any split ends, which cause the hair to slowly break upwards — and prevents the hair from growing. The longer you leave your split ends, the more they creep up the strands of your hair. The breakage caused by split ends causes the cuticles on your hair to fray, leading to the one thing that everyone hates: FRIZZ!

Between the heat styling, the chemicals, and in most environments, the pollution, the damaged hair multiplies; the split ends keep growing, so it is important to trim your hair on a basis that works for you. The old adage that you should get your hair trimmed every three months has become obsolete.

These days, we have products and styling tools that can really prolong the life of your cut and everyone is different. Some people use styling tools on a daily basis, while others only style on special occasions. Some people color their hair, others don’t. These things play into how often you should get your hair cut.

How To Cut, Trim, Care And Maintain Your New Hairstyle At-Home Using Deep Conditioners, Dry Shampoos

Cut Down On Styling

An important part of haircare is to understand how much you abuse your hair, and develop tricks to cut down or protect your hair. I have naturally curly hair, but recently, cut my hair into the coveted Karlie chop and added a bit of bleach.

Because of this, I have to blowout my curls whenever I wash my hair. This type of heat damage is devastating to hair, and when it is this short you don’t want the dreaded, “we have to cut some length” statement from your stylist. I have developed some methods to keep my hair as healthy as can be.

– My first line of defense starts in the shower. I use a thick conditioning mask even though I have fine hair. The reason I do this is because moisturized hair will help seal the cuticle, cutting down on frizz and the split ends.

– My next move is to not use ANY PRODUCT. This seems counterintuitive, since heat-styling tools will help protect from damage — but this step helps me with my favorite trick in the book.

How To Cut, Trim, Care And Maintain Your New Hairstyle At-Home Using Deep Conditioners, Dry Shampoos
Arrojo ReFINISH Dry Shampoo ($22.00)

– The best piece of advice I can give to those who often use heat-styling tools is to NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY. This cuts down on how often your hair is put under heat and really keeps the split ends at bay. I actually only wash my hair once every five days. The way I can do this is by immediately using dry shampoo after I blow-dry my clean hair. This helps to prevent the oil from building up and the fact that I do not use any product keeps the product build-up at bay.

I have worked to really figure out how to get this routine down, but I can now go longer between my haircuts and my hair is easier to maintain. Really take the time to try new products and techniques to cut down on your styling. It not only helps to keep hair healthy but saves you time. Plus, we all know that “dirty” hair not only styles better, but always has that chic, effortless look!

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– Yiannoula Choros

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  1. I always use conditioner and airdry my curls

  2. Wouldn’t adding a dry shampoo on freshly wash hair make it weigh it down and feel heavy? I don’t like this idea and never tried this dry shampoo but I’ll look into it, thanks!

  3. I would love to see more hair care products on how to maintain beautiful hair and how to keep old hair looking full and young again.

  4. Maxine Hammer-Brown

    Arrojo products are awesome!!! Only problem is can’t buy them in any shop in Florida.

  5. I am always trimming the ends of my own hair to get rid of split ends, and my hairs so choppy and all over the place with dry dead ends. This product seems appealing to someone like me!

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