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How To Protect Your Hair From The Winter Cold, Sun And Elements

How To Protect Your Hair With From The Winter, Cold, Sun And The Elements

It’s the dead of winter (for those of us living in a colder climate). And we’re waiting for that moment when we can soak in that summer sun. But, with the talk of summer, come our admired beauty editors’ caveat about the usual summertime beauty/skincare protocol: the importance of sunscreen; articles describing the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, etc. It seems all too much and overplayed, but, let’s be prepared for the summer as I add one more vital, but often overlooked, piece of information to the seasonal lecture: protect your hair from the sun!

Thinking about protecting our hair from the sun is probably the last thing on our list, but there are certain advantages to protecting our hair. One is, yes, the obvious of that statement, that it will protect your hair from damage. Overzealous usage of heating tools are not the only enemies to healthy hair.  The environment and especially the sun can cause damage deep down at the root. David Evangelista, resident beauty expert on CBS’s The Early Show, says its important to create “a barrier from your hair to the sun.” He states the sun, “does damage to [the] cuticle and texture.”

The sun actually opens the cuticle and allows all the moisture to leave the strand causing dry, brittle, weak hair, not to mention it can also affect the color.  Not only does it affect color-treated hair but the American Academy of Dermatology has found that it can dull and alter the color for what we call “virgin”,  untreated hair as well.

How To Protect Your Hair With From The Winter, Cold, Sun And The Elements

There are many products on the market that can protect our hair from sun damage.  These products range from specifically engineered sunscreen for hair to shampoos and conditioners that contain an SPF like the Frédéric Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Collection – ranging from leave-in spray conditioners to shampoos. But my absolute favorite method to shielding your hair from the sun is a more natural approach, the scarf.  Every summer I embark on an epic journey for the perfect hat but always seem to come back to the same conclusion: a hat just does not work for me. Instead I choose to use a scarf.  It is true that a hat can protect your hair and the skin around your face and neck, but for those of us who somehow can’t quite pull off a hat, a scarf is a great alternative.

How To Protect Your Hair With From The Winter, Cold, Sun And The Elements How To Protect Your Hair With From The Winter, Cold, Sun And The Elements

The scarf has been around for years and never seems to lose its luster or fashion appeal.  Style icons for decades have used it to disguise themselves, their dirty hair or just protect their hair from the effects of a relaxing day at the beach.  Some great ladies that often donned a stylish scarf were Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Loren. But even these days the newest generation of style setters, from Nicole Richie and Katie Holmes to the Olsen Twins, always have a scarf at their disposal. Whether on the beach or just out for a day of shopping, they seem to incorporate protection with  style.

How To Protect Your Hair With From The Winter, Cold, Sun And The Elements How To Protect Your Hair With From The Winter, Cold, Sun And The Elements

So, the moral of the story is take a lesson from these ladies, mix style with versatility and protect yourself.  Beauty is definitely more than skin deep, but it helps to have a healthy head of hair and the style to let that beauty shine through! Have you tried the scarf look? Let us know, post a comment below!

– Yiannoula Choros

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  1. The scarf look isn’t for me. Yes its cute but I like showing of my hair and now that summer is around the corner I have never bought a hair product with spf but now I need to go shopping for one. Thanks

  2. Patricia Ann Mraovich I like air dry best. Using a blow dryer requires the use of a products on the hair before blow drying that prevents harm to the hair. Rotating different methods as well as shampoos, conditioners, etc. makes for days of really exciting hair appearance. I had a small amount of silk drops for my hair and placed that amount into Joico hair conditioner and shook the tube up as much as I could. I left that combination in the tube for two weeks or so. Then, when I used that after washing my hai one dayr, the shine and softness (I have glassy straight hair), my hair was so stunning that even the peole at McDonalds commented excitedly about my hair and ran for their cameras so they could take a picture of my long below the shoulder length hair. (Once in a while my genius shines through by accident)
    Patricia Ann Mraovich I think I could have done a Pantene type commercial where the lady swirls her hair around with all that shine and manageability,but my commercial would have been a Joico and Silk D
    rops commercial which they don’t even make. Do you got ears Joico about a possible new product? Please do. Even the long black Asian hair ladies would be envious of the results I had. Hope you all get to experience this.
    Patricia Mraovich
    An added scarf around the hair would help make this fantastic hair last longer. WOW!

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