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(Review) Couture Color Luxe Blend Creme Hair Color

Long gone are the days when you were forced to deal with noxious chemicals, 30 minute wait times, and boring packages for hair care. The evolution of hair care and coloring has progressed from cave woman to luxurious and now the brands are upping the ante when it comes to coloring. The latest one to catch our eye is the Couture Color line sold at Sephora.

The new Luxeblend Creme Hair Color uses a special Color Boost Technology and adds a healthy dose of shine while delivering color. What is really interesting about this formulation is that it uses Pequi Oil that prevents color from fading. Yes, we wondered what Pequi Oil meant, and found that it was rich in Vitamin A to nourish the hair and scalp and rich in proteins.

Couture Color LuxeBlend

Photo credit: Matthew Minucci

While you might say many hair products and hair coloring products promise these claims, what sets Couture Color apart from the rest of the pack is that it has a Glossing Serum that’s separate from the creme hair color. This is a serum that can be used any time and it makes dry and color-treated hair come to life and prevents hair from fading. Lofty claims, but the proof is in the pudding. When we went to a Manhattan salon to see the before/after, we were impressed at the magazine-worthy quality of the results.

Couture Color comes in nine custom-blended, most-requested hair colors. And of course, it’s ammonia free. It also covers gray hairs. The Luxeblend retails for $30 and contains the following:

– 2.5 oz Luminous Colour Crème

– 0.3 oz Pequi Glossing Serum

– 2.5 oz Luminous Developer Crème

– 0.5 oz (1-month supply) Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment

– Salon Brush

– Gloves

– Expert Instructions and Tips

It is formulated without parabens. If you’ve tried it, leave us a comment below.

– Charu Suri




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  1. Another thing to remember about hair color is that you can prolong it and tone it by using a good color depositing shampoo and conditioner. Artec by Loreal used to have a great line of color shampoo and conditioner that could help. Their browns and reds could keep those hair colors looking fresh and vibrant, and the Violet would help tone down brassiness in blondes. Their formula actually contained hair color molecules suspended in the hair care product. Sadly they have discontinued that line, but http://www.haircareusa.com lists some great alternatives including Tressa Watercolors Color Shampoo, All-Nutrient Color + Shampoo, and Altobella ClayPac Color Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner. Any of these will help prolong your hair color’s life and tone down unwanted color.

  2. I loved luxeblend couture color, now it had been discontinued, cannot find a hair color product that matches the quality of the luxeblend couture colour, never fader, always looked soft and natural, why a product this good is off the market I will never understand, my hair has not looked good since I can no longer get this product. Any help out there?

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