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Review, Ingredients,Before/After Photos: TRESemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Line, Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth Control Starter Set

Tresemme Renewal

If you’re looking for a dependable product line for your hair, TRESemme would be my choice.   The line is professional and affordable with many different products for all hair types.

I have suffered from scalp issues for the past couple of years, so I was thrilled that TRESemme came out with a line that would actually treat my ailments. Over the past couple of weeks, I have tested their product line that was designed to renew your scalp. They believe a healthy scalp is just as important as healthy hair.


Marula Before Deanna

TRESemme Hair & Scalp Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner includes tea tree oil extract and sunflower seed oil. It smelled terrific and really gave me a great lather that worked to moisturize my scalp and hair.

TRESemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Lightweight Leave-In Conditioner uses the key ingredients ginseng and tea tree oil to condition my hair, while working to make my scalp look and feel moisturized and refreshed.

TRESemme Fresh Start Renewing Dry Shampoo — I love dry shampoo, as I do not wash my hair every day. The challenges I have found with most dry shampoos, though, are they tend to have a chemical smell. But this one smells fantastic! It also works great to refresh and revive hair without leaving any visible residue.


Deanna After Tresemme Renewal Products 3 days no wash

I have to say that after using these products my scalp felt and looked better, and so did my hair. It looked healthier and since my scalp was moisturized, there was no flaking or dry skin falling on to my hair. I definitely recommend this product for helping your hair get ready for spring.

Tresemme Keratin Treatment
The TRESemme Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth Control Starter Set came with a Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner and a Smooth Heat Activated Treatment. You can also buy the products separately. I was hesitant to go to the salon to get a chemical keratin treatment that costs hundreds of dollars while damaging my hair. But these 3 products worked like magic!


Deanna After Tresemme Keratin Smooth

Friends actually asked if I had a salon treatment! When I told them about the price and the results of TRESemme’s kit, they ran out to buy it for themselves. My hair looked straighter, had no frizz and actually took less time to style. The only tools necessary are a blow dryer and flat iron for the best results.


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  1. I agree with their philosophy! Healthy scalp, healthy hair!
    Thanks, Cindi

  2. I have an oily scalp while the tips are so dry, I do want to try these products especially the dry shampoo! Great review

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