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Review: L’Oreal Paris Debuts New Sublime Mousse Healthy Look Haircolor

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In this era of instant gratification, we want Twitter-speed results. This surely, applies to your hair color, right?

It seems that L’Oreal Paris heard your cry and answered in the form of its latest hair-coloring offering: the new Sublime Mousse, which is no ordinary mousse or foam, but a truly sublime one.

(Dictionary definition of sublime for the classic nerd is: : “to elevate or exalt especially in dignity or honor”).

L'Oreal Sublime Mousse Healthy Haircolor

So, in other words, consider your hair coloring experience elevated. Knocked up a notch. The Sublime Mousse Healthy Look Haircolor is a lighter-than-ether airy mousse that is mess free and easy to apply as shampoo. Gray hairs are instantly covered.

L'Oreal Sublime Mousse Healthy Haircolor

How do you use it? You rotate the pump bottle to mix the formula,and dispense the foam into your hand and massage it into the hair like shampoo. There are 12 shades of permanent hair color in this collection, each as unique as you. At a recent event, we saw the model’s shiny, glossy locks and were impressed. This is truly one knockout mousse!

This retails at the beginning of March 2011 for $9.99 at mass retail and drugstores everywhere.

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  1. REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT! I will ALWAYS use foam! I was afraid it would not cover because I am old school, but it did BETTER than gloppy dyes or cremes. LOVE this product. -Easy to apply (my hair is shoulder length) -Great coverage (I will leave it on my greys longer next time) -Washes out easy -No mess whatsoever -Color is great, and very true to box. I have medium brown hair and used Spicy Auburn Brown. Left it on for 25 minutes, like the package said. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only neg thing I can think of is that my hair felt a bit dry after I was done, but I am 44 yrs. old, so my hair is getting a bit brittle with age. Don’t be afraid to try it. I can’t understand all the neg reviews??????

  2. Have been dying my hair off and on for years without any obvious allergic reaction besides a bit of a dry, flaky skalp at times.
    Then the other day I used the new Loreal Sublime Mousse, ( Pure Dark Blonde), because I wanted to look nice for a special Birthday dinner.
    Easy to apply but my hair came out a much darker colour than was on the box -more mid brown than dark blonde.
    By the next day day large weeping blisters and scabs had come up all over the back of my neck and behind my ears, as well as down the right side of my inner arm. Looks like I have been burnt in a fire !
    They are intensely itchy, swollen and and painful. I have also developed many small itchy crusty sores on my scalp and around my hairline. My eye-lids also swelled up.
    Have applied antiseptic cream and a mild cortisone cream but these awful weeping sores aren’t going to go away anytime soon.

    Ironically just saw an advertisement on TV for this LOreal hair product which has won best hair colourant for 2012!!

    They seriously need to futrher test a lot of the chemicals in these hair dyes as they are obviously extremely harsh and harmful.

  3. Melissa Sutton

    I love the less mess mousse formula and less noxious, more pleasant smell. However, after leaving it on for the time instructed, it barely gave me any new color. It covered my darker roots ok, but did not perform to my expectation as with other formulas. I have not tried mousse from any other brand yet.

  4. Melissa Sutton

    It did not dry my hair…it left it soft and shiny. Just did terrible coverage. Should I leave it on longer?

  5. Just used Sublime Mousse for the first time and I am horrified with how dark the result is. I used to use Natural Match but for some unknown reason, it was discontinued. This is a poor substitute. My hair feels dull and dry after using the entire tube of conditioner. Now I have to find out how to quickly return to my regular medium brown. Do not use this product. I should have followed my instinct and boycotted anything that was plugged by the vapid Jennifer Lopez.

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