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Review, Photos: L’Oreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment Sulfate-Free

For most of you that aren’t aware New York was a frozen mess. This winter, we had many days of snow and freezing rain. These harsh conditions completely wrecked my hair, usually pretty healthy and easy to manage. Lately it’s become way too delicate just easily breakable, full of frizz and hard to manage.  But now Spring has finally sprung and my hair needs a hope and a prayer to get back on track.

Review, Photos: L'Oreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment Sulfate-Free

The perfect miracle was received in the form of a press sample of L’Oreal’s new EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment. This job has amazing perks right when you need them most.

I was quite skeptical since my hair tends to get extremely oily when I use overnight treatments. However I needed to do something, I couldn’t even style my hair, it was breaking off just using a round brush. I was starting to get scared. As a woman I tend to think of my hair as an accessory, and just like a handbag it needs to be maintained. Seriously would you walk using a purse when the leather is brittle and cracking? I don’t think so.

Review, Photos: L'Oreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment Sulfate-Free

EverStrong Overnight Repair treatment is a pump action container. And the formula is exceptionally light for an overnight treatment.

According to the release this formula is packed with “Bio-Cermide Complex” which strengthens hair after just one use. Hair absorbs the product quickly so your not leaving your head print on the pillow. Which is the first thing my husband inquired about. He wasn’t letting me near his shams with a head full of product, he even made me take out a towel just in case. So dramatic.

Review, Photos: L'Oreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment Sulfate-Free

As I stated before I haven’t had much success with overnight treatments. They tend to weigh down my hair leaving me looking like a greasy hound. So I was prepared to wear a ponytail this morning just in case. Can I tell you how amazing my hair looks right now. It’s super bouncy and has this astonishing shine. You would honestly think I just came from a salon. After just one treatment I am completely amazed at the results. My hair is unbelievably soft and you can actually run your fingers through it. .

This product isn’t just for my straight thin hair either. My daughter has super curly hair and it’s done a fabulous job on her dry locks. It’s a well rounded product that can be used on a good variety of hair types. Well worth the $8.99 price and it can be found in most drug stores. This is a bargain you can’t beat.

So tell us, have you used an overnight hair treatment before?  Post a comment below to receive our weekly emails and be eligible to win tons of free beauty product samples.

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– by Aimee Aviles

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  1. i LOVE this product- GREAT review.
    clearly the author knows her stuff 🙂

  2. Super! — and from where I am sitting I also can attest to the “bounce and shine” in your hair! 😉

  3. Having thin, fine hair and lots of it has not been a blessing. I was visiting the West Coast for a couple month’s last year and quickly noticed that my hair was always dry and fuzzy (not quite frizz). It felt brittle and using a hair mask daily was not the answer. I do not do well with any silicone unless I’m going for the limp lifeless look.
    I stumbled across this gem of a product. Absolutely amazing. Instantly ! My hair is in the best condition of it’s existence, it looks luscious and feels fantastic. This gave my hair such voluminous volume (wickedly weightless my dears), I could finally feel the vavoom. Even my fabulously French hair stylist was speechless.
    Now that I have permanently relocated to my coastal paradise, Loreal Everstrong Overnight Hair Repair is my ‘must’. Not so easy to find in the stores yet, online – tada !

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