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Photos: Ombre HairStyle Color Trend, Color Streaming Spring, Summer 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Now you can get Ombre hair color highlighting at-home . See it by clicking here –>>L’Oreal Feria Ombre kit.

UPDATE:  The hottest hair color trend of the season is Illuminata.  See the technique and photos HERE!

UPDATE:  Check out the latest hairstyle color trend (see photos here > Rainbow Ombre)

2012 is the year when hairstyles from the Short/Stylish Haircuts For Summer (GASP: Emma Watson) and new trends debuted (such as  Hair Feathering and the retro 80s Hair Crimping). Gradually shaded hair made a bold statement on the runway and red carpet, and no one pulled off this trend with greater ease and flair than starlets like Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker. And the results, are fantastic. We WANT.

We just know that a bevy of gorgeous belles are lining outside their hairstylist’s door looking to go ombre faster than you can say Justin Bieber. But ombre may just be a teaser for the new trend, which is color streaming.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Ombre Look

“Color Streaming will be the hottest color trend for Spring 2011,” says Rachel Bodt, Senior Colorist at Cutler Salon in NYC.

Bodt says color streaming goes along with the ombre color we are seeing a lot of lately, but it’s a tad different than the ombre trend.

You keep a veil of the natural hair color on the top, as well as underneath. There are bolder streams of color that are only about 2 to 3 levels lighter than the natural color but the streams get lighter and lighter towards the ends. This is beautiful on brunettes and red heads. “We are seeing a lot of red heads this season but they are always more gorgeous when they have more dimension to their color,” she says.

We recommend that you definitely see a professional to get your first dibs on the ombre/color streaming trend going on — because you certainly don’t want to end up looking like Cruella de Ville on 101 Dalmatians.

Tell us, are you in love with the ombre trend? Will you indulge a little in color streaming this year or the next?

Plus, check out our Spring/Summer 2011 hairstyle trends photo guide HERE.  And see the New York Fashion Week hairstyle trends HERE.

– Charu Suri

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  1. The picture labled Alessandra Ambrosio is actually Isabel Lucas.

  2. This trend has everyone talking down here in Wichita, but not too many ladies are getting it just yet. We’ve had a few people ask for it at our salon, though. And I just got it done a week and a half ago, and a lot of my clients have been complimenting it. I personally like it better on longer, curly/wavy hair. I think if the hair is stick straight it looks gross. The texture in the hair breaks up the blunt line a little bit.

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