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Top Products to Moisturize And Tame Your Hair This Summer

If the entire country is roasting in over 100 degree weather, it doesn’t mean your strands should too. Here’s how we are cooling our strands because after all, keeping a cool head is priceless no matter what the weather.

Phytomist Hydrating Protector for color-treated hair is an instant detangling conditioner that restores shine to your hair while leaving them cool and fragrant with a whiff of Lotus Flowers. $26.

Prive’s Flash de Brilliance is an herbal blend spray that smells like a garden. It has blends of chamomile, lemongrass and an extremely refreshing balm mint. Use this after you blow dry your hair to texturize and anti-frizz. $20.99.

The Extended Texture Clay of Prive  is really a paste that you put in your hair to give it texture and style. A little goes a long way! While, technically speaking this product does not really moisturize your hair, it is a staple in our bags during the humid season. $27.49.

We are loving Kesari Beauty’s Indian Oil Hair Serum that are chock full of natural botanical ingredients from India, including Triphala Radiance complex, saffron, jojoba seed oil macadamia oil, sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E. A little goes a LONG way to nourish and impart shine to your hair. Well worth the togs! $26.50.

To learn more about easy breezy summer hairstyles, click here.

How do your strands keep cool in this weather?   Post a comment below for chances to win free hair product samples.

Charu Suri

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  1. Ivette Hernandez

    Always after washing your hair finish with cold water, the most cooler the best. Close the strand of your hair, keeping the moiture in..

  2. Ivette, great point! Agree with you.

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