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Votre Vu Paris Haircare: Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Last week, I attended a lavish and very French presentation of a line I had not heard of. Votre Vu, a Paris-based skincare line, has been in existence for only a year, but crafted by a family in France with over 80 years’ experience in custom blending formulations.

The tres chic event showcased the different selection of products that Votre Vu has to offer, including its accomplished Face, Body, Men’s Line and Sweet Treats line. Since the skincare philosophy is primarily based on natural ingredients and the culling of skin treats from bountiful French harvests, I was eager to learn more (you all know how hooked I am to natural skincare by now, come on!).

The French do everything so sexily, and I was not surprised to see a fully naked, discreetly clad French model at the event, showing off her flawless body and skin (and a painter capturing her elegance on canvas):

Votre Vu Event

There are so many products in this line, but I wanted to start with some of my favorites: the Shampoo Riche and the Conditioner Light.

Votre Vu Shampoo Riche

The Shampoo Riche is a cleanser par excellence. It really does what it promises: eliminate buildup without leaving a residue or greasiness. There is no sodium laurel sulfates in this product, and my hair felt really squeaky clean (at some point I swear it almost squeaked like a violin) and smelt fresh.$28.

The Conditioner Light is perfect for hair that needs only a lightweight conditioning. It’s pretty rich in texture and weight, but it untangles hair and leaves it silky and glossy. It contains a good amount of hibiscus flower extract and wheat protein to give your locks luster and strength. It also contains a natural UV-inhibiting antioxidant complex. I am completely in love with this conditioner because I had little need for styling products once I used this. $29.

Get both products online at VotreVu. I will give you a review of the skincare products in a separate post.

by Charu Suri



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  1. So good to hear you were pleased with the products. I am in LOVE with them!!

  2. I Heard the event was amazing!! So glad you were able to experience these fab VU lous products. I am partial to say the very least!! Readers, please feel free to contact me directly http://www.votrevu.com/michelle for more information and to hear all the reviews from our presence at the Oscars this past weekend. Samples? Sure, just give me a call and we will chat.

    I too absolutely love the hair care line and have thrown away my arsenal of styling ‘products’!

    Looking forward to hearing your review of our skin care products too.
    Michelle Smith Rapoza
    Founding Brand Ambassador

  3. I’m so glad you agree with me! I have worked in skincare at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom and have spent many years as a makeup artist using the most expensive products around. I was so impressed with Votre Vu that I signed up as a consultant. This line is the real deal and can definatley hold its own next to brands La Prairie, La Mer, Obaji, Somme, Canyon Ranch, Cle de Peau, Sisily, Perricone…(I could go on and on) but the point is Votre Vu is a top of the line product for a fraction of the price!

    Angie Seekamp

  4. I’ve been using salon quality hair products for the past 20 years…my husband is a stylist. The Votre Vu products stand out above anything I have ever used. Like your skin, your hair changes as you age. My hair was getting dryer which meant I would have to get frequent trims and could never grow my hair much longer then my shoulders. Over the last year, my hair has become much healthier and therefore I have been able to grow it longer…and it still looks great!
    Besides the shampoo and conditioner (I use the heavy conditioner), I use the Mender as a styling product.
    I would be happy to answer questions and give recommendations to readers who want to learn more about our fabulous line of products or business opportunity.

    Heather Wolgamott
    Votre Vu Brand Ambassador

    Website: http://www.votrevu.com/heather
    Blog: http://www.bestfaceforward-skincare.com

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