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Ask the Expert and GIVEAWAY: Founder Alison Raffaele talks about her Cosmetics Line

Naturally inspired, yet EFFECTIVE cosmetics are really as hard to find as the Pink Panther diamond. Trust me, I know — having ransacked countless drugstore and high-end department stores in the hope of finding concealers and foundations made with mostly natural ingredients and ending up leaving as disappointed as a kid who didn’t see Mickey Mouse at Disney World.

There is a ton of BODYCARE that is organic and natural and most of those products are very effective, but we’re talking about the foundation of your beauty: the foundations, brushes, concealers, primers.

Ever since I got my hands on a perfectly movie-star worthy concealer from Alison Raffaele Cosmetics at The Makeup Show New York, I’ve been hooked to the brand like cat to catnip.

Check out our Q&A with the founder, Alison Raffaele, below:

What is the primary difference between organic and green makeup? As I understand it, organic has to be 100%, while green makeup can have synthetic ingredients in them as well?

AR: Precisely. “Green” makeup is more about not containing harmful chemicals, like parabens, talc, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, aluminum, etc., whereas “Organic” makeup must be made with only certified organic ingredients. It is very difficult to create makeup that is “organic” that still performs, however, many “Green” brands are beginning to use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Are you planning an organic line soon? Why or why not?

I am looking to use organic ingredients in my formulas, but not to go 100% organic. One thing people must remember is that just because an ingredient is “organic” or “natural” doesn’t mean that it is good for you. In fact many naturally occurring substances – take lead for example – can be very harmful to one’s health. The guideline I generally follow is for an ingredient not to be ranked more than a 3 or a 4 on the Enviormental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” database.

Tell us a bit about why you created your line. Was there a niche or need you wanted to fulfill?

Alison Raffaele

I am proud to say that Alison Raffaele Cosmetics was the first makeup artist developed line to go “Green”. The need I saw that wasn’t being addressed was profession quality makeup that was free of harmful chemicals. As a result, we have a great following among makeup artists!

Any new products on the horizon?

Right now I am working on a propylene-glycol free version of my Inner Glow gel blush and a Pressed Mineral Powder – I’m hoping to launch them in the summer or early fall.

Thank you Alison! Now, it’s your turn. ASK Alison anything and enter your comments below. You’ll be entered to win some great cosmetics from her line. FIVE WINNERS will be picked in two weeks.

Just do it and be pretty.



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  1. When going “Green” do you provide a line of cosmetics for sensitive skin or is the lack of chemicals and other harmful agents the only needed adjustments to make sensitive/healthy make-up? Is there a line in your cosmetics that will help nourish the skin? I have found so many different brands that are for oily skin that dries the skin completely, or if the need is for dry skin it masks the skin causing the skin to “over-glow.” I am excited about your propylene-glycol free version of your Inner Glow gel blush, being that propylene-glycol is one of the harmful, yet mild, chemicals you can use in skin care, but again for those with oily skin, your blush will be an “On Hand Accessory” in every clutch out on the town…

  2. Hi Allison,

    I have sensitive, combination skin. Although I just turned 40, I still experience breakouts, eczema and uneven skin tone. Does your product line contain any known irritants? I always read product labels before purchasing products, especially since my skin reacts negatively to aloe vera. Do you offer an ingredient list for each of your cosmetic products?

  3. Hi Allison!! WOWWW i feel so special just even being able to TYPE to you!! You are an ICON to me!! So, my question is this. I have combination skin, and i am now starting to get much dreaded wrinkles on my forhead!! IM CRYING EVERY DAY!! I dont even want to WEAR make-up anymore, because i just want to have anti-aging stuff on it ALL the time, so I tried the Neutragena Healthy SKin Enhancer Foundation, thinking that would help, but They just keep cominggg.. :-(( PLEASE, can you suggest me a regimen so i can battle this war on 2 legs, and still be abl to look and feel beautiful with my “face” on?? I’m open to ANYTHING at this point.. Thank You so very much, for any help you can offer. ADORE YOUU, YOURE THE BESTT!!

  4. I watched your you tube demonstration of how to put on concealer. I was impressed to know that you put it on at least three times. I’m getting older and find that my skin is drier. I need lot’s of moisturizer under my baby blues. I find it difficult to blend concealer and get it to look smooth to cover my dark circles. Does your concealer blend well with drier skin types?

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