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Beauty News: English Actress, Charlotte Rampling Is The New Face Of NARS Cosmetics

Beauty News: English Actress, Charlotte Rampling Is The New Face Of NARS Cosmetics

Photo Courtesy of Michel Maurou/WWD Archive

Charlotte Rampling has another project in the works: She’s the new face of NARS Cosmetics, which is gearing up for its 20th anniversary in September. According to brand executives, Rampling will appear in a “black-and-white portrait-style image” shot by founder and creative director François Nars. Rampling was chosen, in part, because she has been one of NARS’ muses.

“She is a natural beauty that feels strong, yet relatable,” NARS told WWD. “Charlotte’s ability of transformation is unparalleled. Whether captured in pieces of artwork, through the lens of a magazine photographer or on film and the big screen, she had an amazing power to encompass a character.”

NARS went on to say Rampling’s “strength of character” and artistic talents make her a perfect fit for the brand.

“I remember Dirk Bogarde referencing Charlotte’s ‘fabled look’ because of the combination
of her beauty and withering gaze,” he said. “This is what makes her an endlessly watchable
What do you beauties think of Charlotte Rampling as the new face of NARS Cosmetics?

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  1. Love Charlotte as the NARS spokesperson…
    Thanks, Cindi

  2. It is exciting that the industry of Beauty and Fashion has chosen an older woman. She has aged Beautifully her look is still alluring and very sexy!!1 yeah Charlotte… I will be looking forward to experiencing your products!

  3. I am very exited by your choice of spokeperson ! Wow! love Charlotte I have been mesmerized by her Beauty and sensuous allure forever! I cannot wait to try your products!Bravo!

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