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Makeup Review, Swatches: INGLOT HD Illuminizing Loose Powder – Lightweight Shade For All Skin Tones

Inglot Illuminizing Powder Container

INGLOT HD Illuminizing Loose Powder ($16.00) is a lightweight powder for your skin.

INGLOT Double Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadows In Freedom System Palette

This peachy shade fits all skintones, disappearing into skin upon contact. Most loose powders tend to make your skin look caked-on and heavy, but this is the antithesis of all that. Lightweight in texture but heavy on making your skin look flawless.  

Inglot HD Iluminizing Powder
Skin-loving ingredients include premium silicone powder and diamond dust. These two key ingredients hide imperfections, but make you look rested and rejuvenated. I bet Joan Crawford wishes she had this powder back in the day!

Inglot HD Powder Swatch
No Vaseline on the lenses required! Just beautifully smooth and HD-ready skin! This powder can be used on bare skin or over foundation, and on the eye area. I was taken aback at how well my face and eye makeup lasted throughout the day. Color was easy-to-blend for a camera-ready appearance!

Inglot Illuminizing Powder Case
So, whether you are on the big screen or the star of your own iPhone selfie, make sure this powder is in your makeup arsenal! Available at www.inglotcosmetics.com and Inglot boutiques worldwide!

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Do you beauties need a little HD help to perfect your skin?

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– Erin Sutera, senior editor and makeup artist

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  1. Powders the more I age the less they become my favorite but this one’s texture seems fine and dare I say not powdery might not be the best analogy but it seems like it would just glide on the skin and not settle on those aging lines or would crease. I would love to try it, great review!!!

  2. I am intrigued by this powder. Something that does not look caked on and lasts all day would be wonderful. And it would not make my fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable too. I definitely want to try this.

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