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(Preview) MAC Introduces the Flighty Collection

Light, feathery, high-altitude with the texture of whipped cream. That’s how we interpret “flighty.” There’s some truth to this collection if you live in a brisk metropolis like New York City too.

There are shadows in 16 hues that cover the color spectrum. Luminescent washes that range from sheer to medium, and your eye lashes become birds of prey. Are you a feathery kind of gal? Sport some hair feather extensions and indulge in M.A.C.’s latest collection: Flighty.

MAC Flighty Collection

I love the colors of the Zoom Lash. They’re so Avatar, so jungle. In shades like High Esteem and Plum Reserve, we’re hoping they add color, definition and lift to the lashes.

Here is the full collection:

High Esteem Mid-tone grey with silver pearl
Blue Charge Deep navy blue
Plum Re serve Light violet purple
Green is Green Jade green

MAC Flighty collectionBIG BOUNCE SHADOW ($16.50)
The Cool Elite White with silver pearl
Good Fortune Soft pink yellow with pink and silver pearl
Reward Yourself Bright peach coral with gold pearl
Impeccably Rich Light cream with gold pearl
Sizzlin’ Diva Copper with gold pearl
Trophy Soft peach with pearl
Free As Air Sky blue with silver pearl
Spread the Wealth Dirty olive with gold pearl
Extra Charged Bright green with multicolour pearl
Up The Ante! Rich copper with gold and silver pearl
Rich Thrills Dirty silver with multicolour pearl
Luxury Touch Violet with gold pearl
Count Your Assets Rich blue purple with multicolour pearl
My Next Indulgence Forest green with blue and gold pearl
Rich , Sweet Chocolate gold with gold pearl
Black Diamond Black with gold pearl

242 SHADER Brush

Are you flighty kind of gal? Would you go for the sparkle on your eyes and the color on your lashes? If so, tell us why.

To read about M.A.C.’s other latest collections including Surf, Baby! and Fashionflower, click here.

– Charu Suri




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