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(Review) New “Boomsticks”: Pro-Age Makeup Sticks for All Skin Tones

Creator of BOOMSTICKS!, Cindy Joseph, former makeup artist, was approached at the age of 49 by a casting agent to model for Dolce and Gabanna. She continues to travel the world modeling for clients such as Garnier, Olay, Elizabeth Arden as well as many fashion clients including Ann Taylor, Bloomingdales and Liz Claiborne. Cindy’s face has graced the covers and pages of Oprah, Glamour, Marie Clair and Mademoiselle. Her story is quite inspiring. Coming from a teenager worried about her “flaws” and going on to working with some of the top names as a celebrity makeup artist to a super model in what some consider “late in the game”.

Cindy wanted to share her philosophy and ideas with others and created her own makeup line, BOOMSTICKS! The first pro-age cosmetic line for those who accentuate their features, as you should, rather than cover up what you may think is a flaw.


“BOOM is for women who want to reveal their genuine beauty with an honest and realistic approach”

The BOOM makeup regime is very simple. Three sticks to accentuate your beauty.  COLOR works for all skin tones and works well when you apply it to places you naturally blush: cheeks, eyelids and lips. I personally love this BOOMSTICK! .

GLO is used to give a healthy glow to your face and body. It keeps moisture in and seals dryness out. It gives a nice shine. I do not recommend this particular stick for individuals with oily skin as it will only give more shine to your face.

GLIMMER is a lovely champagne color and adds a nice shimmer to any place on your face or body you’d like an extra special shimmer. How about your shoulders with that fabulous spring dress you just bought?

Cindy says “It’s time we wear our age openly and proudly. In purchasing this product you have joined me in the pro-age beauty revolution!” She goes on to say “ Your face reveals an individual life story. BOOM! is not about changing your features, looking younger or covering the beauty you have earned. BOOM! is for women who want to celebrate their age and wear it proudly” .

I personally love the concept of the BOOM! product line and find Cindy to be very inspiring.

I want to know your thoughts! Are you ready to reveal the beauty you have earned or do you feel more comfortable using products that will make you look younger?

BOOMSTICKS! retail for $24 per stick and can be purchased at www.boombycindyjoseph.com

~Amelia Keith, editor of PrettyintheQueenCity.com



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  1. As I have seen no indication of if the price is in American or Australian for the Boomsticks I am loth to order as with the American price the exchange and postage can be enormous – It a really interesting item and would like some feedback .

  2. Boom stick did not work for me. I put it on and it disappears. No color and it was very drying on my lips. Very expensive for the amount you get plus about 33% for shipping and then it does not work. I hope it works for someone.

  3. Absolutely! Thanks for the review, I love makeup and I will not be purchasing this. Saved me.

  4. I was going to order this but after reading the reviews I think I’ll try something else! I am 83 so it really might not work for me anyway. I am very disappointed as I was looking for less make up. Do ladies as old as me
    ever use it? I’d like to see reviews from them.

  5. Shelia M Cummings

    Well when I received the product the box it came in was way big, then I couldn’t believe how tiny the tube was. Haven’t used it yet. Sure hope it was worth it. $33.00 worth !!!

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