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Review & Swatches: Napoleon Perdis Chandelier Shine Nail Lacquers

Riding high on the success of his Chandelier Shine nail polishes, Napoleon Perdis, the internationally known Australian makeup artist, has introduced 12 Chandelier Shine Nail Polish and Lip Gloss sets. Each set contains lacquers with matching gloss. The glosses contain marine collagen, and the nail polishes are supposed to provide a “long lasting shine and amazing chip free technology.” Shine? I love shine! I received two sets containing Moroccan Velvet and Santorini Sunset, and here is my candid take on them.
Napoleon Perdis Chandelier Shine


The embossing of the Napoleon Perdis’ logo on the outside carton is beautiful and makes the set look luxurious. However, the logo has a reflective effect that causes a glare, making the text hard to read. The inside carton contains the polish and lip gloss. The lacquer bottles are slightly rounded, square bottles. I found the glass bottles to be extremely lightweight which is interesting, because it contradicts the impression the outer packaging conveys – luxury! I think a heavier glass should have been used for the lacquers.


Napoleon Perdis Chandelier Shine Moroccan Velvet

Moroccan Velvet and Santorini Sunset are frost shades. Moroccan Velvet is a beautiful and tempting, dark chocolate frost, with a touch of bronze. The name Moroccan Velvet is perfect for this shade. It’s dark, rich, exotic and full of texture! This color works well with most skin tones, and looks great on short, manicured nails. Santorini Sunset reminds me of Sunkist Orange Soda — bubbly, fun, and full of sugar. Santorini Sunset is an orange frost with gold undertones. Orange frosted polishes look great on dark skin.

Napoleon Perdis Chandelier Shine Santorini Sunset


The formulation for these lacquers gives them a smooth consistency. Frost shades can be tricky. After applying the first stroke of nail polish, if you go over it again it with the brush, the polish can look clumpy. It’s important to polish with single, even strokes when painting with frost colors. I was able to achieve opaque coverage with two coats of Moroccan Velvet. Santorini Sunset is a light shade so I used three coats. Nail beds that have a dark tint will require a third coat with this color.

Napoleon Perdis Chandelier Shine lacquers are quality polishes, that are easy to apply and worth the try. While I did not find the lacquers to be shiner than other polish brands, Chandelier and Shine lacquers do give the nails a slick, glossy look. The Chandelier and Shine Nail Polish and Lip Gloss sets retail for $15 and can be purchased on Zappos.com

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  1. I absolutely love frosted colors of nail polishes! I prefer to wear matte or non-frosted colors because it is so much easier to put on. I have some problems with my hand shaking. It is so important to get the “techniques” down in order to get that freshly manicured look. When I go to get my nails done, I prefer to bring in the color I want to wear right from the drugstore because the ones in the nail parlor have been used and reused over and over again. The polish is fresh and goes on great. I have FACEBOOKED and SHARED……Hope this helps.


  2. Hi Andrea. Thanks for commenting on my review. I too prefer using cream colors because frosts can be a pain. 🙂 I do, however, love dark colored frosted polishes. Thanks again for Facebooking and sharing the article!


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