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Review: Cargo Cosmetics’ Safari Collection for Spring 2011

If you’ve had any bit of the wanderlust in you, you’ll appreciate stylish, portable makeup. Cargo Cosmetics brings you the spirit of adventure in a chic, postcard-inspired clutch that’s perfect for the jetsetter. The Safari Collection ($34) is inspired by the exotic and beautiful hues of the African Savannah and …

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The Best of Spring/Summer 2011 Hairstyle & Haircut Trends

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area of the country where the word winter doesn’t translate into “cold, dark, depressing mess,” spring might not be at the top of your radar right now. But if your sticking out the winter doldrums like many of us, the promise of …

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The Year in Review: Worst Beauty Products of 2010

Much as we hate to disappoint makeup fans around the world, not every makeup product is created equal. Wait, you already knew this, right? It’s not like we’re telling a five year old the truth about Santa Clause (yes, we still believe in him, thank you). We like to tell …

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Last Minute Holiday Hair Gift Guide

If you find yourself looking at the calendar and freaking out because you’ve barely even started your holiday shopping, you’re not alone. With holiday decorating to do, parties to attend and, oh yeah, your regular life to lead, it’s no wonder you haven’t had enough time (or motivation) to tackle …

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Redken Fall/Winter 2010 Hair Trends

If you’re sporting that plain ol’ hairstyle you had in your high school Yearbook, it’s time to give it a toss in favor of these sleek, polished, completely “done” hairdos that Redken’s Creative Consultant, Guido says. Hair fiends, you’re in for a complete treat. Sit back, relax and enjoy the …

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Beauty & Style File: Deconstructing Katy Perry

Looking back to when a celebrity first emerges on the scene we almost always think to ourselves, “What were they thinking?” This is their point of finding their fashion self — what I like to call “fashion limbo.” Once they find themselves, celebrities revamp their style as a reflection of …

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