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MAC Debuts Lip and Face Kits for Holiday 2009

MAC Cosmetics is already thinking about snow and mistletoe when the rest of the world is trying to wade through a muggy summer. MAC’s Holiday collection is called Magic, Mirth & Mischief. The accessories, brush bags and  lip and eye face kits will make any girl giddy with delight. They …

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Prevention Magazine’s “Defy Your Age” Beauty Awards

Last week I attended a special blogger preview of Prevention Magazine’s “Defy Your Age” Beauty Awards issue (Sept. 2009). The Prevention team tested leading anti-aging products and came up with seven quality products that truly deliver visible results. Don’t you want to know what they are (and most importantly, don’t …

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BeautyStat.com Ron Robinson featured in July Allure Magazine

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then some products in the drugstore are downright sycophantic. Alongside best-selling lotions, shampoos, and scrubs sit eerily similar lotions, shampoos, and scrubs. They’re often packaged in bottles that resemble their neighbors in shape, name, and claims — for as little as half …

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Functionalab Personalized Beauty Nutrition

You are unique, just like everyone else. Functionalab, a new nutritional supplement brand, takes this kindergarten maxim to heart. The personalized beauty vitamin launched at Henri Bendel’s in NYC this week, and yours truly found herself among the lucky testers. Before I go further, let me get this out of …

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MAC Naked Honey Collection

For centuries, honey has cured, soothed, saved women. The new MAC Naked Honey collection highlights limited edition face and body products that keep skin moist and luscious. Notable collector’s items include the honey-comb designed High-Light Powder, the natural Golden Elixir and the Naked Honey Skin Salve. Sweet without the sugariness. …

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Coppertone’s NutraShield Dual Defense Sunscreen

Let’s face it, we want our sunscreen to be like Fort Knox: impenetrable and invaluable. Coppertone’s new NutraShield Dual Defense sunscreen uses antioxidants that don’t sour under UV rays. So it actually nourishes and heals your skin while you are frying on the beach or the outdoors. Studies have shown …

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The Double Helix in Beauty Products

Ever since Watson, Crick, and Franklin unlocked the secret of our DNA, the double helix has popped into our imaginations. “Oh, so that’s what we’re made of!” The elegant spirals wind their way through our cells, and now they’ve stretched into a different area: Our beauty products. To start, Avon …

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Elizabeth Grant, Skincare Doyenne

It’s not too often we have the chance to try a bunch of different products from a specific skincare line. That’s why we were so thrilled to discover Elizabeth Grant Skincare, a wonderful set of products created by a human dynamo of a woman whose skin was originally damaged during …

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Five Stars for Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick

Since we don’t work for AIG and haven’t received a seven-figure screw-up bonus, we’re cutting back on discretionary spending. No more Starbucks double skim lattes. We’ll pass on those Jimmy Choo gladiators. Our personal trainer will have to be put on hold. Why take a cab when a five-mile hike …

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