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Boots Original Formula Beauty- Bring on the Vintage

Rose Vanishing Day Cream:

This product is absolutely amazing. Infused with rose oil and olive oil, this soothing cream leaves your skin feeling baby soft. The light fragrance and cooling sensation are a great start to any day. I have switched out my normal face moisturizer for Boots and have even started applying it to my hands as its benefits have become irresistible to the touch. Although it is a day cream, I have begun to use it in the evening as well after washing my face instead of applying my normal lotion. The beautiful vintage packaging adds a touch of whimsy to this remarkably simple formula making it a perfect addition to any bathroom.

Skin Balm Rose & Geranium:

In a vintage inspired tin, Boots Skin Balm provides a perfect spot treatment to rough elbows and knees. Simply massage a small amount on your most troublesome areas and feel their rough edges smooth away. Using rose and geranium oils to calm and soothe skin, Boots Skin Balm also incorporates beeswax which does wonders for softening. The balm nearly vanishes into your skin after you have applied it to your tough spots and doesn’t leave fingers feeling oily or greasy. This has worked wonders for my elbows which were brutally dry. I spent all winter looking for a product that would bring the softness back to my tough elbows and was not able to find anything that worked until I found this skin balm. Just in time for the short sleeved tops of spring.

Rose Cuticle Oil:

Made with rose and jojoba oil, Rose Cuticle Oil soothes dry, cracked cuticles leaving them softer and smoother. Just squeeze a small amount of the product using the dropper and massage into your skin. My cuticles were a mess and I was in desperate need of a manicure but simply had no time to make an appointment. This cuticle oil was a lifesaver, repairing and soothing my cuticles instantly.

All available at Target.com



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  1. I love Boots products and count the 4 in 1 wipes as a beauty staple. My cuticles are so bad right now, I’m heading to Target to look for the Rose Cuticle Oil. Seriously! 🙂

  2. […] Also recently out is Boots original formulations for Target, which we wrote about here. […]
    Sorry, should have added good post! Waiting for the next post!

  3. so happy, I’m picking up the day cream on my next Target visit.

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