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(Giveaway) Kahina Giving Beauty: How Sharing Rituals Helps Others – Product Review

That is the philosophy of the skincare line, Kahina Giving Beauty. With the strong belief of creating rituals, founder Katharine L’Heureux discovered the effectiveness of Argan Oil when visiting Morocco. With the help of a chemist, Katharine worked to create a simple yet effective organic skincare line.

The oil is extracted from the nut of the Argan tree by the Berber Women in Morocco. “Our line is a reflection of these women: of their culture, their hard work, and their beauty, both inner and outer” states Katharine who donates 25% of profits from Kahina to support initiatives to help these women.

Kahina Giving Beauty

“I strongly believe in the possibility of connecting with people from other cultures and creating an environment in which the little things we do throughout or daily lives positively affect the lives of people around the world. Even in something as seemingly inconsequential as our choice of skin care, it’s about a consciousness of the decisions we make every day,” says Katharine Phillips L’Heureux regarding her inspiration for founding Giving Beauty.

The product line that keeps on giving. Not only do they give back to the Berber Women but this line gives back to us. To our skin, to our hair and to our bodies. With the harsh winter weather upon us, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated. Not only does Argan oil nourish your skin but it helps lock in the natural nutrients. This helps prevent dry, cracked and irritated skin.

Kahina Giving Beauty

The popularity of Argan Oil is on the rise for it’s known anti-aging, moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Not only is this oil good for wrinkles and hydrating your skin but it’s also great for frizzy hair and I personally use the oil for brittle nails. It’s done wonders on my cuticles! And if that’s not enough, this magical oil has been used for stretch marks, psoriasis and acne.

Several companies have jumped on the bandwagon to offer Argan Oil based products. From Sephora to Sally’s Beauty Supply, this miracle worker is popping up on shelves nationwide.

BeautyStat and Kahina-Giving Beauty want to give you a chance to enjoy the benefits of this product. That’s why Kahina-Giving Beauty is giving away a full size Antioxidant Mask and full size Serum to one lucky winner! Leave us a comment telling us your experience with Argan Oil or why you’d love to try it. We will choose one lucky winner by random drawing.  Good Luck!!!!

Ranging in prices between $36-$90, Kahina-Giving Beauty offers a complete line of products based around Argan Oil and it’s benefits. Products and  can be purchased at http://www.kahina-givingbeauty.com

~Amelia Keith, Editor of PrettyintheQueenCity.Com

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  1. I have not tried Argan Oil for the skin but I do use it on my hair! My hair is thin and dry but since using Argan oil it has improved so much! Thank You

  2. I’d love to win products from Kahina Giving to try. Have been very interested in this brand and appreciate the concept behind it! I believe in argan oil and can’t wait to learn more about the brand’s use of it. Hope to win! Thanks for a great giveaway.


  3. Want to try anything anti aging! This sounds fantastic!

  4. I would love to try this product! I have never used it before, I am definitely up for anything anti-aging!

  5. I have actually tried “Argan Oil” on my hair instead of another great oil. I found the Argan oil to be wonderful and it made my hair so silky after shampooing and also it takes 1/2 the time to dry your hair!! I would love to try all your poducts!


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