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(Review) Olay Total Effects Line And Dark Circle Minimizing Eye Brush

We have loved Olay for years, most recently because of its ProX line, and now because of itsTotal Effects Dark Circle Minimizing Eye Brush.

(Review) Olay Total Effects Line And Dark Circle Minimizing Eye Brush

This innovative product is one of our favorite recent finds. This is a brush that acts like an instant concealer and brightener. It uses a 7 in 1 anti-aging eye cream to immediately reduce the appearance of dark circles. It also reduces the look of wrinkles and massages eyes to reduce the look of puffiness.


The brush is like a concealer wand: it always hydrates the skin so it appears firmer, and evens out the skin tone.

Upon application, I noticed an immediate cooling and skin-brightening effect. Cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson says, “the Niacinamide ingredient (which is a B Vitamin) has been shown to improve skin texture and pigmentation.” This ingredient is used in many of Olay’s skincare products.

The brush reminds me of the YSL Touche Eclat (click the pen at the end to dispense the product on the brush). I noticed an immediate cooling effect under my eyes, but did not notice a substantial difference until I had swiped the under eye area twice. The product described onAmazon.com says it is “suitable for most skin tones,” but the color is peachy in tone, and more appropriate for those with lighter skin. However, that said, it did not look bad on my dark skin at all. It may well work for you.

Olay Dark Circle Minimizing Brush

The great news about this eye brush is that it is so friendly and portable, and accomplishes so much in such little time. We love the efficiency and innovation behind this creation. It retails for approximately $25 and we consider it a worth-while investment in an effort to banish those raccoon eyes.

Tell us, are you a fan of this brush? Would you invest $25 in an instant dark circle minimizer?

– Charu Suri

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  1. Carolyn Humphrey

    Yes, I would definitely spend over $20 for a product that was able to diminish my much-hated under eye darkness . . .I would spend $200 on a product of this type that actually lives up to its claims. However, I am more than a little skeptical that this would NOT be the case. There is good reason for my being so gun shy (or should I say “purchase” shy) as attested to by a taking a peek into my bathroom drawer which has become the final resting place of various tubes, jars, bottles, and vials filled with creams, gels, liquids, and pastes that all aspired to achieve the very same results – covering, concealing, diminishing, treating, and preventing the bruise-like dark discoloration under my eyes. This has been the bane of my existence for the last 4-5 years and becoming more unsightly with the passing of time. All of my life prior to this time, I was blessed with a peaches and cream complexion, only suffering the occasional blemish as a teenager. I think this makes the sight of myself in the mirror with the very noticeable dark circles beneath my eyes and also affecting the entire periorbital area. Who needs cosmetics to achieve the sought after “smoldering smoky eyes” I have read about in magazines and online? Not me! This problem is actually having a negative impact on my social life. Even after spending an excessive (according to my husband) amount of time in front of the mirror applying moisturizer, a concealer, then a full-coverage foundation, another layer of coverup, and maybe even a highlighter/eye brightener for good measure, there is still a tired, old-appearing person that I hardly recognize staring back at me unhappily from the mirror. This is very depressing to me. I am extremely self-conscious and more and more often I stay at home rather than attending a social event and can just imagine friends making comments about how awful I’m looking and exchanging looks when they think I don’t notice.

    Well, you can see what a major issue this “raccoon-eye” situation has become in my life. So, back to the original question – Yes, most emphatically, I would pay over $25 for a skin care treatment/medication that would take care of this problem.

    I’m sure this answers the question you asked – “Would you invest $25 in an instant dark circle minimizer?” as well as a lot of questions you didn’t ask. I apologize for getting on such a roll on the subject, but I think you can see how strongly I feel about any “miracle” product of this type that works!

    Thank you very much!

  2. I have battled with dark circles my entire life. It always looks like someone has punched me in both eyes. And as if that isn’t bad enough, my skin is so light and translucent that the veins add to this discoloration under my eyes. It’s a ghastly sight and I’m so embarrassed of it. I’ve been looking into this product and I hope it works as well as it claims it does!

  3. Love this product, have used Olay products for years. My only complaint is too much concealer comes out with one click. I probably wipe away half the amount. For the price, I hate to waste any of it. Plus so much is rinsed off the brush. Maybe another type of applicator would be more cost effective.

  4. As a 25 years old, I’m starting to see many changes on my face and eyes. One of my biggest problems is the dark circles around my eyes, which lead to a lot of makeup, concealers and coverups. As a result I’m starting to get lots of fine line underneath my eyes. And of course heavy wrinkles un my forehead from all my face expressions. Ever since I started using Made From Earth’s Olive Night Cream, I have notice a lot of difference in the way my skin feels and look. My friends have commented about it.

    I don’t need so much makeup to cover up the dark circles. This product has increase the thickness of my skin and the elasticity as well. Wrinkles are disappearing … dark circles are becoming lees apparent. I love it.

    Also, I never get breakouts or clogged pores with this product. I highly recommended Made from Earth for those who have skin prone to breakouts from cosmetics, and thin skin that leads to a premature age look.

  5. I’ve had dark bags under my eyes for years now and I always felt terrible when people told me I looked tired even though I was feeling fine. I’ve been trying out different eye treatments but nothing seemed to work. No tiny signs of improvement whatsoever. I went to an esthetician to take care of the sun damage on my skin and I asked him what I could do about my eyes. He gave me some sample packets of the Lady Soma Renewal Serum. He said this serum is made just for women.

    I tried in that night and it made a huge difference. The bags aren’t totally gone but they’ve really minimized. I’m hoping after a week they will totally go away.

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