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(Review, Photos, Giveaway) A Very Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011: Gift Guide

Are you a handmade cosmetics junkie? A secret fan of LUSH? If I were you, I’d head to their store right away because they have some really incredible (almost edible) treats in store, and you’ll want to scoop up everything.

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

The best part is that the LUSH new products — all 15 of them — are incredibly affordable and they’ll leave your home smelling like a garden.

If you think Lush has nothing but cosmetics to offer, think again. Pictured above is a red patterned scarf made out of recycled bottles. More green and eco-friendly than many brands on the market, LUSH means what it says and is committed to the world being recycled, reprogrammed, repurposed.

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

Above: the 15 delicious goodies from their Holiday 2011 collection, all bundled up in a chic silk-like scarf.

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

Last year, LUSH hosted a World Knot Wrapping contest and this was one of the first limited edition designs, available JUST for the holidays. And it’s only $6.95 –hard to beat! So, stock up ladies!

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

No Drought Dry Shampoo: Ever wanted to just let your hair be for another day? Well, now you can –the LUSH way. Use this sparingly on your scalp and inhale the great aroma. $12.95.

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

“Peace” and “Friends with Benefits” Massage Bars: These solid massage bars are full of marigold and cocoa beans. They make excellent stocking stuffers and come in tins. $12.95 and $9.95.

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner: This is my favorite from all of the new launches, and smells delicious as a rose in bloom. Filled with cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond oil and Argan oils, this is handmade post-shower luxury, and worth stocking up on! $29.95.

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner 

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

Lustre Dusting Powder: This is for those who want a bronzed yet sophisticated sparkle for the season. It’s Tinkerbell in a bottle, plus the scent of jasmine is intoxicating. $14.95.

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

Lustre Dusting Powder Glow

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

Bubbleroons: Don’t eat them by accident, but they’re too cute not to dig a spoon into! The Rose Jam bubbleroon is based on a traditional Turkish recipe for rose jam, and the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon has an orange chocolate fragrance, much like candy. $5.95 each.

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

Moon and Sun: Steam (toner) tabs. These lavender oil filled beauties are my personal obsession. Drop them in warm (almost hot) water and steam clean your face or use the water to tone your skin after cleansing. You’ll be addicted in no time. $2.95 each.

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

Lust Soap: These bubble gumm-y bars are topped off each with some delicious golden shimmer. Perfect for the season, this is a FUN gift, and with a soothing jasmine scent. $7.95.

Lush Cosmetics Holiday 2011

We love LUSHand our readers so much that we’re giving away a bundle of holiday goodies to ONE lucky winner. Winner will get a sampling of products shown above. To enter, leave a comment below on why you love LUSH; we’ll pick someone by December 20th. Happy Holidays!

–  Charu Suri







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  1. I would LOVE to try LUSH to honestly tell you I have never tried it

  2. I love Lush because It’s nor cookie cutter. It’s unique.

  3. Their products smell great and are really fun!

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