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Reviewed and Approved: RE9 Arbonne Cellular Renewal Masque

Don’t you sometimes wish life was as simple as Barbie’s? Think about it: she is always picture perfect, popular no matter what country she’s in, and always has Ken, aka the perfect man, at her beck and call. Blonde, brunette, light skin or dark, she is gorgeous.

One thing I wish I could extract from her royal plastic is the tight, youthful skin. Barbie was “born” in 1959 and yet her skin never looks a day old. Well, for us age fighting, blood flowing beauties, we have Father Time always working against us. At least that was what I thought until I tried RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque from Arbonne.

From my last post, you already know I am a huge fan of Arbonne. Besides their great products, I am comforted by what the company stands for. For instance, Arbonne is vegan certified; products are never derived from animals nor are they tested on animals. And if that weren’t enough, they use renewable sources in their paper packaging.

So when I was given the opportunity to try the Cellular Renewal Masque, I was ecstatic. Now I have tried other anti-aging masques before and found myself holding back tears as I am faced with minimal results. I am happy to report that this masque is truly advanced. The gentle exfoliation is the result of a mixture of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids. I also love that there’s fruit, pineapple and papaya enzymes, that work with your skin to release the dead skin cells. This combination provides smooth, soft tone and texture of the skin. The masque also contains niacin, which is fancy for good ole’ vitamin B. It’s this amazing vitamin that provides the immediate glow. There is a chockfull of other age fighting ingredients in this masque, as well: marine lavender, algae extract, kudzu and of course, vitamin C. It’s like going for an anti-aging facial…in one, single jar!

To see the immediate results yourself, just apply the masque to clean skin and let it absorb for approximately 7 minutes. It is completely normal to feel a tingling sensation. If this sensation becomes too much for all of you with sensitive skin, only leave the masque on for 5 minutes. Then rinse away the excess with warm water, pat dry, and say hello to firmer, younger looking skin.

Visit www.arbonne.com to order your golden jar of time reversing beauty. It’s not cheap, 1.7 oz is $65. However, it just might be the secret to timeless beauty. Even Barbie’s jealous.

And check out our video review of Arbonne’s Lipsticks HERE.

TessMarie Golcher

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  1. I was trying to research a mask but all you consultants writing with the attitude (its great, buy it from me) have totally turned me off!

  2. The Arbonne cellular renewal masque is a CROCK! All hype, all show and no go! An overpriced product from one consumer’s perspective. I don’t mind paying for quality, and I feel like I wasted huge money on their products!

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