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The Sun Saviour

There are better ways to protect your skin than wearing long-sleeved tees and full-length skirts like the Amish during the summer. When temperatures rise so high that even your slurpee starts to boil before you can drink it, it’s time to jump into a pool of sunscreen.

No one makes a better organic spray than Dr. Hauschka (even his name sounds all erudite, as though he received a PhD at birth and started doing R&D before he got to grade school).

His new organic SPF 15 Sunscreen Spray is my current object d’amour.

It’s made with ice plant, rose hip and quince seed extracts to nurture sensitive skin, and natural mineral titanium dioxide to protect you from the UVA and UVB rays.

I did freak out a little when I found it contains titanium dioxide, though (it’s a naturally occurring mineral but it’s also found in paint) but I relaxed a little when I was told all sunscreens have used it for years.

The best part about this spray is the terrific smell. I wish they’d make a limited edition fragrance out of it, maybe call it Sunscreen, the Scent so it could linger on my thirsty skin for hours but I’m sure the avant-garde research team is working on it.

No lectures on the potential for developing cancer, sunspots etc. if you DON’T use sunscreen (I’ll save that for my DVD series called Sunscreen: the Movie).

Note: the lotion is very water resistant (it was almost like removing paint with soap and water) so go ahead and wind surf to your heart’s content. Or at least until the rescue boat comes along. www.drhauschka.com



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  1. hmm, i’m curious about titanium dioxides too…but I love that it’s very water resistant, because if I’m at a beach I’m swimming or my husband’s forcing me to go on a run!

  2. OMG, it’s the most water resistant sunscreen I have ever worn!

    I heard titanium dioxide is actually an “on the fence” ingredient –the jury is out on that one, but people have been using it in sunscreens for years.

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