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Dermalogica’s New Daylight Defense Kit: Travel Ready SPF

Ah, summer! This is truly the season when three-month long vacations become reality, and families book trips together in order to bond. It’s a time when the sun, with its rich and delicious golden fingers, is most likely to cause havoc on your pretty face. Yes, you’ve heard the statistics, …

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Clinique All About Eyes DePuffing Massage Roller

Between salt, allergies, and good old-fashioned crying jags, our under-eyes can take quite a beating in one day. It doesn’t really matter the cause, when I look in the mirror and see puffy eyes, I want to curl up and take a nap – not always feasible. Clinique must have …

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Skinceuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense

There are sunscreens, and there are sunscreens. Like comparing apples to oranges, Hondas to Ferraris or even condos to mansions, everyone wants the bigger, the better. In the case of SPF, the higher number does not necessarily mean better. In fact, there’s a point at which the SPF number becomes …

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Lierac Celebrates the 35th Anniversary of Phytolastil

Last week, Lierac celebrated the 35th anniversary of its signature product, Phytolastil. A French physician created the gel and serum duo as a gift to his wife to remedy her post-pregnancy stretch marks, and lo and behold- Lierac was born. Many of us know all too well that stretch marks …

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