Get, To, Know, Our, Newest, Writer, Mandie, Williams, +, 5, Best, Makeup, Skincare, Products, She’d, Die, Without!, #bstat, 2014

Get To Know Our Newest Writer: Mandie Williams + 5 Best Makeup/Skincare Products She’d Die Without! #bstat 2014

Get To Know Our Newest Writer: Mandie Williams + 5 Best Makeup/Skincare Products She’d Die Without! #bstat 2014

Continuing our #FF series, get to know Mandie Williams — a Brooklyn-based and Oklahoma bred writer and editor previously published on and xoJane.

“What I love about BeautyStat is that we’re all about the products, and I totally fit in as a makeup hoarder. I’ve always seen my makeup and skincare collection as an extension of myself… it’s so fun to pick out a bright fuchsia lip color or draw on that perfect cat-eye and decide who you want to be for the day.”

To me, holy grail products aren’t necessarily the most sexy or glamorous. My must-haves aren’t a trendy lip stain or nail polish, or even mascara (how can I pick a favorite when I wear at least two at all times?). They’re the behind-the-scenes products that I find myself frantically running to CVS or Sephora for to repurchase when I’m running low.

Get To Know Our Newest Writer: Mandie Williams + 5 Best Makeup/Skincare Products She’d Die Without! #bstat 2014

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser — The O.G. drugstore cleanser is on the must-have list of every model at fashion week because it just works. No scent, no exfoliants, definitely full of parabens, but totally changed my skin. It pulls everything out of your face, including blackheads I thought I was cursed with forever. I like the “gentle” version over the “oily/combination” formula.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer in Brighten — If a product works, I don’t care if it costs $5 or $50, I must have it. The pink shade neutralizes dark circles, blends easily and won’t crease under eyes.

Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Anti-Ageing Eye Cream — I bought it for the name, because I like to think of myself as an evil Disney queen that will do anything to stay young and hot. It absorbs completely and keeps my eyes looking fresh no matter how late I’m up. I will repurchase this product until I’m 90.

Caudalie Divine Oil — I massage this into my skin before bed when I want to feel like Cleopatra. It’s a lifesaver for dry and sensitive skin. And it’s especially nice to apply on your complexion after time spent traveling, wearing a harsh face mask or after an evening of too many cocktails. You will not regret jumping on the face oil train.

Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 with Helioplex — My true love. It’s light enough to dot on in between moisturizer and foundation without looking greasy or cakey. Cannot live without!

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What are some of your Holy Grail items, beauties? Any of your faves make Mandie’s list?

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– Mandie Williams | Follow Mandie on Twitter @mandiethekid & Instagram @KIDWILLIAMS

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