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(Review & Photos): Living Proof Straight Long-Lasting Styling Hairspray

You have to see it to believe it. The new Living Proof Straight Hair Spray is applied to damp hair and promises to make your hair pin straight (almost Brazilian Blowout style) without the hundred different creams and potions you typically use for the “flyaway issue.”

Living Proof Straight Styling Hairspray

Apply if to damp hair. Blow dry, and apply it to dry hair for extra hold.

While the promo copy does read “no noxious chemicals,” it does feel as though you’re spraying synethetics– for sure (I’m more sensitive than a Spirit Level, so I sneezed a bit when this happened. However, the results are more than worth it. Take a look:

Living Proof Straight Styling Hairspray After Photo


In the above photo, I used a shampoo/ conditioner (not Living Proof) and applied the Straight Long-Lasting Styling Hairspray on wet hair and then used the NuMe blow dryer to style. That’s it. No other products were applied to the hair. The result is a beautiful, glossy, sleek head of hair that’s truly pin straight. Nary a fly away. This is such a beautiful thing, girls!

Since typical styling products rely on oils, silicones or resins in making the hair look straight, they can weigh down your hair like a pile of bricks. Straight uses an aerosolized version of PolyfluoroEster, a humidity-blocking molecule. You can use it to wet hair and also apply it on dry hair as well.

The instructions specifically say to use the spray 6 inches away from your head of hair (and that’s also a good thing considering you don’t want to breathe the spray). It retails for $29 and I think it’s a great investment, especially if you want to avoid too many trips to the salon for that keratin (formaldehyde-free, of course) treatment.

Straight debuts online, at Sephora, QVC and Drybar exclusively in mid May 2011.

To read our review of Living Proof’s Full Thickening Hair Cream review, click here.

Based on the review above, what are your thoughts? Would you be intrigued in purchasing this product?

– Charu Suri

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  1. I’ll have to try it!! Am I missing the before photos? Would be great if you had some.

  2. Do you have naturally very curly or more wavy hair. when bow drying have you used round brush?

  3. I have stick straight, flat hair. If I let it dry naturally, my hair will literally dry in a tent shape on my head without curving around my face! I have tried everything from mousse, gel, spray gel, hair tonic, pomade, you name it. The SHIELO STYLE CREME is the best product I’ve used for styling my hair and giving it body.

    Yes, body! You wouldn’t expect body from a creme, seems too heavy. But a dime-size drop rubbed primarily through the roots gives me more fullness and manageability than I’ve had with most mousses and gels. I can also put a wave in my straight hair using a round brush that lasts until the next shampoo!

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