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Review, Photos: ReFa PRO Platinum Electronic Roller Micro-current Device

Review, Photos: ReFa PRO Platinum Electronic Roller - Micro-current Anti-Aging Device

Did you know that an extremely low electrical current flows naturally through human skin? And that this current is always present and doesn’t cause the skin to experience any sense of pain? According to the makers of ReFa PRO Platinum Electric Roller ($320.00), “this current is said to constitute one of the key factors that serves to preserve healthy, beautiful skin.” To that end, the ReFa PRO generates an extra-low level microcurrent that very closely resembles the body’s natural current and produces a barely perceptible stimulus to the touch.

ReFa PRO has been created to replicate the procedures performed by professional aestheticians. It incorporates a three-dimensional, V-configured kinetic design, which successfully reproduces the aesthetician’s suction treatment techniques for handling a wide skin area. According to the literature, “ReFa PRO is designed, above all, with natural ease of operation and user comfort in mind. Ball bearing placement garnered careful consideration to ensure smooth rotation. Stress generated by rolling resistance has been minimized. The shape of the structure in the handle, characterized by a unique user-friendly grip fit, is the result of repeated tests conducted under different conditions to identify the shape that provides maximum ease of use and the best grip fit.” All this results in a product that enables you to “enjoy aesthetician-level skin care in the comfort of your living room, bedroom, bathroom… or wherever you like.”

Review, Photos: ReFa PRO Platinum Electronic Roller - Micro-current Anti-Aging Device

Sounds a bit like science class, doesn’t it? The roller came with clear instructions for how to use on both the face and body, though I must admit at first I was confused because I could not figure out how to turn it on. Guess what? It doesn’t turn on in the conventional sense. It’s solar powered and works without a switch or plug in. When they say ‘ease of operation,’ they are not wrong. I tried the ReFa PRO several times over the course of a couple of days, both on my face and body.

I liked the feeling of the slight suction along my skin; it was both relaxing yet invigorating too. It was indeed easy-to-use and provided a nice little pick-me-up. I did not, however, notice any difference in skin tone, either on my face or body. And given the hefty price ticket, I did not think the cost was commensurate with the effectiveness of the product. Yes, it’s a pleasant addition to a beauty routine, but unless you have limitless resources and/or money to burn, I consider this an optional purchase.

Find out where you can purchase this item at www.refausa.com.

Yona McDonough

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  1. Wow! The price is sure hefty! It sounds nice but for that price I would expect great results. I would just skip it but great review, thanks!

  2. Wow! I can’t afford a product like that but definitely need something. I was looking for the neck excerciser but can’t find it anywhere. I think this would work even better.

  3. Yes, this is very expensive but i tried the half of my face rolling with this when i saw it at Beauty Collection in Hollywood. The amazing thing is half of my face line got sharpner and my skin tone got much lighter, so I got that product and rolling everyday.

  4. After seeing this product on EXTRA, I ordered it and have been in love ever since!

    Not only does it feel great on my skin, it also visibly lifts my skin especially on my face! It’s like receiving a face lift in the comfort of my own home.

    I also use it on my stomach and am super pleased with the results! Little by little, it reduces cellulite visibility.

    I absolutely love the ReFa Pro!

  5. Best $320 I have ever spent! I ordered the product after reading several online reviews.

    I love that my face is lifted instantaneously after each use.

    I am 40 years old, but after using it, I look 5 years younger!

    ReFa, thank you for coming into my life!!!

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