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BeautyStat Update: Self-Care and Social Distancing, COVID-19, Coronavirus, New Product Release in May

beautystat, coronavirus, covid-19, social distancing, exercise, massage, reduce stress, healthy eating, vitamins, new skincare release, new eye cream

We at BeautyStat Cosmetics are pulling for all our customers, followers, friends and family to stay safe and calm during this very stressful time. Self- care is always important, but even more so now.

The Best Ways to Practice Self-Care While Social Distancing

In the midst of COVID-19, the world is in crisis, and for many, day-to-day life as we know it has come to a screeching halt. As these realities take hold, and social distancing becomes paramount, it’s only natural to feel anxious and at a loss for how to adjust to the new normal. But in these times, it’s important, if not essential, to prioritize self-care, especially with an inundation of excess stress.

The importance of staying positive amidst all that’s uncertain, as well as maintaining a routine that keeps your mind and body healthy can’t be emphasized enough. From getting optimal sleep to practicing mindfulness, here are some ways you can practice self-care while staying at home.

Stay On Schedule and Get Enough Quality Sleep
“Keeping a routine bed/wake time is crucial during these times, especially when we lose our normal routine.” Before bed, unplug and wind down without any screens in dim light, and set an alarm for the morning to ensure that you’re waking up at the same time each day of the week.

Stay Nourished and Well-Hydrated
High stress environments can have a dramatic effect on the gut microbiome, potentially leading to an imbalance of gut bacteria and, in turn, inflammatory symptoms. To optimize your digestion, boost your intake of nutritious vegetables and drink plenty of water, as well as avoid junk food as much as possible. “Diets high in antioxidants and low in sugar boost immune function and fight off viruses.”

Get Active to Boost Your Mood and Well-Being
When you’re stressed, your muscles tense up. This, teamed with being less mobile when staying within the confines of your home, makes staying active that much more important to overall health. Exercise reduces body’s stress hormones. Get out and walk as much as you can. If you live in an apartment building you can even walk the stairs to help. Old fashioned calisthenics such as jumping jacks, lunges and push- ups, either full or half will work, not to mention sit ups. Hard cover books, if you still own any, or heavy bottles can also work as weights.

Ease Anxiety With Meditation, Breathing Techniques and Self Massage
Meditate if you can, even taking 10 deep breaths over a period of two to three minutes will be very helpful.

Try massage when applying skincare products. When applying facial creams, massage at the temples to immediately relieve stress. Massage your hands, feet and limbs when applying body lotion for instant relaxation.

Of course listen to the CDC and wash hands often and thoroughly, at least 20 seconds. And follow all other health guidelines.

In spite of the dire situation we all face, we at BeautyStat are focusing on what we know, which is making wonderful beauty products, and are working diligently to add to our Universal C collection of products. Our good news is that we are releasing a new eye product in May.

We are very grateful to your interest in BeautyStat cosmetics and we wish for health and safety for all.

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Ron Robinson and the BeautyStat Team