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7 Best Sun Safety Tips: Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2014 - L'Oréal Paris It’s That Worth It Thunderclap Campaign 2014

7 Best Sun Safety Tips: Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2014 - L'Oréal Paris It’s That Worth It Thunderclap Campaign 2014

As beach season is steadily approaching, it’s important to start thinking about proper suncare protection to keep your skin healthy and shielded from the sun’s harmful rays. And being that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we’re giving you a heads up on some of the best ways to stay sunsmart this summer. From dispelling common SPF myths to everyday sunscreens you can totally use, check out these helpful expert tips and tricks for proper protection!

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Sun Tip #1: It’s true that skin damage is irreversible, but prevention for future damage is key. According to renowned dermatologist, and two time melanoma survivor, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, it’s best to maintain a good sun care routine whenever possible.

“Although you can’t reverse sun damage, it’s important to continue proper sun protection strategies throughout a lifetime, because the negative effects from the sun on the skin are cumulative,” Tanzi explains.

Sun Tip #2: The sun happens to be strongest during the earlier hours of the day, so with this in mind, be sure to take extra precautions during these hours. Avoiding the sun can be a challenge, so be sure to evenly apply both a facial and body sunscreen throughout the day (even if it’s just for 15-minutes) if you know that you are going to be outside.

“Avoid the sun between peak hours (10AM-2PM), use broad spectrum SPF 30 (or higher) and reapply every 2-3 hours while in direct sun, wear hats, sunglasses — and do your best to seek shade when possible,” Tanzi adds.

Sun Tip #3: Once you’ve mapped out how long you’ll be in the sun, choosing the right sunscreen is equally important. Making sure that you have an appropriate SPF that covers both your face and your body is a must for expert Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas.

“Be sure to use sunscreens that are specifically for the face or body. Generally, you should reserve the more expensive and higher SPF formulas for the face and use a less expensive moisturizer for the body,” says Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas.

7 Best Sun Safety Tips: Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2014 - L'Oréal Paris It’s That Worth It Thunderclap Campaign 2014Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas (left) and Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi weigh in on sun safety tips and their fave sunscreens: Skinceuticals SPF 50 Physical Fusion, Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Sun Tip #4: But if you’re the girl on the go and don’t have time for a full-on sunscreen application, Dr. Tanzi recommends using double duty sunscreen products to cut time, with a built-in SPF shield, of course.

“Try double duty powder sunscreens, because they apply pressed powder so your skin looks great and is adequately protected from the sun. The built-in brush makes application easy on-the-go. I like sunscreen sticks, especially for kids. They have excellent staying power, a high percentage of zinc and are not too greasy,” Tanzi states.

Sun Tip #5: For inexpensive yet effective sunscreen products, the L’Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare Collection makes an excellent go-to, as it satisfies both the face and the body areas with amazing coverage and fantastic protection. So, whether you prefer a BB Cream (try the Advanced Suncare Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion SPF 30) or a luxurious body oil (pick up the Advanced Suncare Invisible Protect Dry Oil Spray Oil Spray), there’s a product in the line for every formulation preference.

COOLA Organic Suncare – Environmental Repair Plus Calm Glow Eye Gel, Body SPF 30 Plumeria Moisturizer, Face SPF 30 Cucumber Matte Finish, Sport Unscented Sunscreen Spray

Sun Tip #6: And if you want to take your sun protection a step further, adding some antioxidants to your overall routine is always a proactive step in the right direction.

“From your cleanser to your moisturizer and the foods you eat, make sure antioxidants, as well as vitamins A and D, are part of your daily routine. Antioxidants help fight cancer-causing free radicals and also serve as either natural sunscreens or fix sun damage as it occurs,” concludes Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas.

7 Best Sun Safety Tips: Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2014 - L'Oréal Paris It’s That Worth It Thunderclap Campaign 2014Photo Courtesy of Linda Farwell of www.farwellphotography.com

Sun Tip #7: Educate yourself about melanoma awareness.

The L’Oréal Paris It’s THAT Worth It™ Safe Sun Survey on melanoma awareness and prevention among women of all skin tones showed that 52% of American women grade themselves a C or lower on their suncare habits. And, while people of all skintones are at risk of melanoma, many African American women (36% vs. 39% in 2013) and Hispanic women (23% vs. 31% in 2013) continue to grade themselves a D or F.

To take further action, do good by joining L’Oreal’s new partnership with the Melanoma Research Alliance, which aims to educate woman across the globe about the benefits of using sunscreen, as well as supporting melanoma research for a cure.

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So far, the L’Oréal Paris It’s That Worth It Thunderclap campaign has made successful donations to MRA: $1 donated for each supporter who signed up and $1 for each L’Oréal Paris Advanced Suncare product sold in the U.S. To commemorate May as Skin Cancer Awareness Month and to kick off Memorial Day weekend and a summer of safe sun, your messages and everyone else’s message will be sent loud and clear to stop melanoma through prevention and research.

Go to Itsthatworthit.org to learn more about melanoma and the latest suncare advances, the importance of skin checks and visits to your dermatologist and additional ways to support the MRA.

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