A Concealer for your FEET? Tintalize Debuts

Now we’ve seen everything, folks! Yes, it’s true, a new concealer for your FEET debuts next month.

Called T!ntalize, the concealer aims to erase anything embarrassing from your foot and soles, including scars left from corns, age spots, veins, blisters, cuts or any other undesired blemish.

You call it crazy? Perhaps there’s an element of genius behind this product. After all, it’s perfect for beach and sandal season, right?

It’s a gel-based formula that blends well with all skin tones. Once it dries, the makeup on the skin becomes practically impossible to spot. Unless you have a detective eye, that is. The coverage lasts all day and comes in 7 color shades with an unbeatable match, from vanilla mousse to chile chocolate; for women of all color. It’s rub proof, waterproof, weatherproof.

Now, really, go put your best foot forward.

T!ntalize retails for $15 for 7, .5ml packets. www.tintalize.com