How To Find/Get the Right Haircut & Style for your Face Type And Shape

To cut or not to cut? Do you want Katy Perry-esque bangs or are you more of a Gwyneth Paltrow, sleek straight hair type of gal? Guessing is not going to do you any good because you’ll probably end up with a cut that will make you look like Christian Siriano (which works for him, dolls but maybe not for you).

Remember the incredible Rodney Cutler? The hairstylist who started his eponymous Cutler Salon (now in New York City and Miami) and is a regular darling at Fashion Week? Cutler is Redken Brand Ambassador and a hair guru we love and trust. Here are some of his hair cuts for the face tips:

BeautyStat: What cuts do and don’t work on women with round faces?

Although a bob can work, the length should be slightly a-line. This means shorter to longer from the back that sits just below the chin. Also, a side part works best with sweeping bangs as it also softens out the roundness of the face.

With long hair, make sure that you angle the front, as one length hair can accentuate the roundness with the severity of the look. With short hair, it’s wearable but I suggest leaving a little bit of length and avoid tapering the nape.

BeautyStat: What cuts do and don’t work on women with long/oval faces?

With long faces, what you want to do is add some width to the shape. You don’t want to have square layers that elongate the head shape.

BeautyStat: What cuts do and don’t work on women with square faces?

If you choose bangs, create movement in a sweeping effect or definitely round the corners, otherwise it creates too much of a box shape. Shapes that have a lot of layers accentuate the movement.

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Charu Suri