A Way to "Play" With your Makeup? Dip Your Lifestyle into Jouer Cosmetics

Jouer Cosmetics was created by Christina Zilber to be a simple, chic, fashion relevant line of cosmetics that most of all embraced a “no make up artist required” approach to beauty. Jouer, which means “to play” in French, is what her products actually do with one another. What does that mean you ask? Most of her line connects to one another via a sliding side or lego-like structure built into the product’s design.

What Christina envisioned is that your palette of choice now becomes portable. You can mix, match and then attach one product to another. You not only can play with applying the numerous color choices of products for your lips, cheeks, eyes, face etc. but you can also play with the actual products themselves to create many different portable palettes. For example, I opted to switch my “Licorice” Powder Eyeshadow I had used for my night palette to a lightweight “Feather” Cream Eye shadow for work the next day –all in a simply click.

Jouer Cosmetics

How I stumbled upon Jouer is quite synchronistic. I had just received my color and blow dry at the downtown salon “Blow” when I noticed Jouer was sponsoring mini makeovers near the front desk. I had just tattooed my non-existent eyebrows by the talented Sandra Mendez in Soho a week prior so I was a bit hesitant about any new products touching my face. I decided to go for it and asked that Neil be gentle with my brow and eye area. I hadn’t heard of their line before but was attracted to the array of color choices in front of me and once I saw how they actually fit into one another, I found that idea to be very practical. I wanted to know more.

Jouer, which means “to play”, is exactly what happened next. Neil began to play with the numerous colors in front of him. The fact that most of the line connects in a click was genius to me. I don’t know about you, but I am always fishing for my blush, eyeliner or gloss that always disappears into the deep dark depths formerly known as my handbag. Sold at Henri Bendel and Skins 6/12 in Las Vegas, this line is rather exclusive at the moment and I liked the idea of making my first cosmetic discovery. Neil applied a cocoa colored powder eye shadow to my eyes, lightly highlighted my brow bone with their cream highlighter and added a bit of soft peach Mineral Powder Blush to my cheeks. He loved my lips already and deemed them untouchable. I was flattered as I used three products to get them to look natural.

Although you have many color choices with Jouer, you can opt for one of Christina’s four “Signature Collections” : Little Black Dress”, Everyday Must-Haves”, “Instant Chic” and “Sunday Brunch.” What’s hot at the moment is their Luminizing Moisture Tint made of rich botanicals and replenishing ingredients such as Ginseng and Gingko Biloba Leaf extract. It’s oil free, Hypoallergenic, water resistant and fragrance free. I now use it and it makes my skin feel emollient and hydrated. This particular product is available in five tints and has SPF 20 built in.

Please go o to www.jouercosmetics.com to better understand Christina Zilber’s vision and I have this sneaking suspicion…you may just “to play” yourselves!

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-Nicole Gordon Levine

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