Abaete Backstage Fall 2009 Runway

I went backstage to Abaete this morning, and met with Beauty.com’s Tina Turnbow who did the makeup for Tarte. “I applied lip gloss on the eyelids to create a lovely glassy effect,” she says. “I also used Tarte’s new foundation on the models’ eyebrows. Brush it up and down the brow line and pat it down.” Turnbow says this is the look she wanted: almost nude, with glossy eyelids.

“The clothes are heavy,” she says. “So I wanted the makeup to look light. It’s a contrast and it gives the look a freshness.” The lip and cheek stain in Blushing Bride added a touch of the feminine.

Products used include: Provocateur pressed mineral powder (only on eyebrows); Smooth Operator Oil-Free Natural Foundation SPF 20; Vitamin Infused Lipgloss in Liquid Sunshine (on Eyelids); Rejuvenash (on eyelashes); Hush Lipstick; Lip Balm in “Bee Stung” (on lips).

Redken’s stylist, David, said that since the look of the show was based on post French Renaissance (18th century male characters), the collection looked so “dandified.” “Therefore braids became a part of this,” he says. “The gentleman has a braid in the painting off which the collection is based — Les Incroyables. These are French dandies who wore high collars and shiny lapels…they would be rock stars in today’s society.”

To emulate this look, he created a bit of a mohawk look on the women. “I teased the hair and created a texture…the rest of the hair was in braids and fabric which made it feminine.” He used Redken’s “Fabricate” spray on dry hair and teased the top (which gave the hair shape). Then he used Redken’s “Headplay 12 Pliable Working Spray” to make the hair harder and stiffer.

The nails were done by Creative Nail Designs and all the models wore an eggshell color called “Mystere.” The skincare was by Caudalie.