Adult Acne Management Tips, Products and Tricks for Summer 2011

As National Acne Awareness Month kicks off, there are some statistics, reported by The Wall Street Journal that strike me as interesting: acne is not just a teen and kids problem anymore.

According to the article, dermatologists are seeing more and more 20-40 year old women. It also showed that in a 2008 survey of 1,013 people, 51% of women reported having acne in their 20’s, while 35% had it in their 30’s.

The number of adults getting acne later on in life may be an indicator of the level of stress and fast-paced lifestyles of many. I’m also very much in this camp, and I’ve had zit attacks that have lasted long periods of time, some as long as weeks before they cleared.

What’s worse than the acne are the scars. The pesky, unsightly debris of acne really take a toll on self confidence and self esteem, and many of the solutions to this problem take time to resolve. Here are a few tips, products and tricks to take control of your acne this summer:

1) If you suffer from Hyperpigmentation, consider using a targeted and oil-free solution that addresses this specific issue, like Skinceuticals. This is formulated specifically for acne prone ADULTS. Hence, the anti-aging element to the skincare. The blemish and age defense solution retails for $78.

2) I personally have taken a huge step to minimize my acne by using Proactiv (the Sensitive Skin version). The three-step system works to kill acne-causing bacteria. Many do find this system drying, so we advise you to drink lots of water and moisturize your skin extra religiously.

3) If you have super sensitive skin, consider using Peter Thomas Roth’ Blemish Buffing Beads. It’s extra gentle and infused with soft and gentle jojoba beads. $36 online or at

4) Don’t over wash your skin since that can leave you more dry than otherwise. Always use a good moisturizer and treat your skin to an intensive quenching moisturizer (we love SK-II) for better protection.

5) Stick to one regimen for more than a few weeks: ideally, you should give a new line at least 28 days for it to show if it works. If you get an allergic reaction, then stop using it immediately and check with your dermatologist.

How are you preventing or curing your adult acne?

– Charu Suri